Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Instructions, FTW

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  1. @Elizabeth Bathory: Whichever team it is, Mark isn’t on it.

  2. Now I know who stole my original nickname idea.
    Elizabeth, high five.

  3. Mark = fucking awesome!!!!!

  4. Absolutely Brilliant.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  5. bril·liant   /ˈbrɪlyənt/ Show Spelled[bril-yuhnt] Show IPA
    1.shining brightly; sparkling; glittering; lustrous: the brilliant lights of the city.
    2.distinguished; illustrious: a brilliant performance by a young pianist.
    3.having or showing great intelligence, talent, quality, etc.: a brilliant technician.
    4.strong and clear in tone; vivid; bright: brilliant blues and greens; the brilliant sound of the trumpets.
    5.splendid or magnificent: a brilliant social event.
    6.Jewelry. a gem, esp. a diamond, having any of several varieties of the brilliant cut.
    7.Printing. a size of type about 31/2-point.


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