Friday, July 16, 2010

FANtastic Friday!

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  1. huzzah.

  2. i am sooooo feeling the capri sun one.

  3. hmm, now that i dirtied myself with a mastabatory 1st place, i cant help but feel like fun is in the chase. maybe thats why dora is still exploring.

    hehe, polio.

  4. alordslums you are so fuckin unfunny your llcoolj post was so shit,

  5. Who shat in anonisgayisgay’s grumpy little cunt this morning?

    He/she sure has lasers for our resident slumming lord today.

  6. i agree….BIGGER CAPRI-SUNS!

  7. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Yeah, more juice please, juice always runs out before gin.

  8. FDR was the best. Screw you, stupid group.

  9. The Dora one made me laugh out loud! Thank you Lamebook for restoring the humour!

    But what is up with anonisgayisgay?

  10. Less CapriSun more vodka.

  11. anonisgayisgay is actually gay.

  12. … not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  13. wrong? I’ll plead the fifth on that.

    Even though we don’t have the fitfh over here.

  14. we don’t have it either, but we got some other stuff.

  15. Hey Miss Shegas!, I just clicked on your link. You’re a funny gal.

  16. FDR was an awful president. His ridiculous economic policies worsened the depression he inherited. Needing an excuse to steal money from the richest and most hardworking Americans, he allowed Pearl Harbor to be attacked so he could justify America entering WWII and a 90% marginal tax rate on the wealthy. How many American lives did FDR throw away so that he could play “Robin Hood” and redistribute the wealth to the lazy masses? Quite frankly, his presence on Mount Rushmore is sickening. Jefferson-Abe-Gipper-GW should be the REAL Mount Rushmore.

  17. Fargis, I appreciate and understand your rants as much as the next guy, but FDR is not on Rushmore.

  18. I too enjoy the syphilitic rantings of Fargy, but shut the fuck up about FDR. Goddamn social safety net coming apart at the seams, no one cares about the public sector any…

    *begins weeping uncontrollably*

  19. fargis, you usually don’t exist to me, but you almost got me to bite on this one.


  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Anonisgayisgay is gay.

  21. dan_fargis_is_a_f_a_g

    When did Lamebok become a right-wing rant site? I thought that’s what my local newspaper’s forum section was for!

    Oh, and I’m so joining the Dora group!

  22. FDR is one of the greats. america would be a giant colon now without the new deal. not to mention his fireside chats!

    i really, really don’t get america. i don’t get how 90% of america can lambast obama so much about the healthcare reforms – free healthcare for all = no brainer. unless you’re a paedophile terrorist crack addict. i really love america. it’s given so much to the world – films, music, soft drinks. but sometimes…. i don’t get it.

  23. prunellafarkitt

    Is it just me or is Fargis like the dark angry goth kid at school that made you feel like he was going to leap forward and gnaw your eyeballs out?


  24. prunella, i think it’s just you!


  25. Wow….Fargis didn’t condemn anyone to eternity in hell today. Must be a good day.

    I also agree that Capri Suns are awesome.

  26. prunellafarkitt

    Shit! Bloody knew it! It’s just me….. yay! *sigh*

  27. @bdie, I was thinking the same thing. No mention of God or praying for sins or any Bible verse? Slacker.

  28. @ahmayzingrace, that’s twice he’s done that now. I almost feel let down.

  29. I bet Mystic Meg could provide a good TF.

  30. @bdie, I’m actually a bit concerned. Maybe we should stage an intervention?

  31. @ahmayzingrace intervention or beat down, intervention or beat down…..Oh I just can’t decide!

  32. WOW seriously? None of you guys have ever heard of capri sun big pouch? Maybe they don’t exist anymore… but if those weren’t a part of your childhood you were seriously missing out.

  33. Fargis did it hurt when you fell of your high horse, cause it sure FUCKED up your face!

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