Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Darren It All

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  1. HAHA how embarrassing!… Magnolia walls and a pine table!

  2. vaginalroundhouse

    That is the worst Rick Rude impression I have ever seen.

  3. vaginalroundhouse November 16th, 2011 at 9:05 am

    That is the worst Rick Rude impression I have ever seen.


  4. Who in the hell names their daughter Darren? Or is Darren a dude who’s upset that his DP apparently swings both ways?

  5. @throwingtofu – isn’t it pretty likely that Darren’s ex has hacked his account and posted this as revenge? No?

  6. @throwingtofu – smh. really?

  7. Darren Langdown – you silly boy! That’s my mate!!! Musta pissed off Nataly who’s his wife!!!

  8. Cool, I live in Dorset. Blandford is kiiiind of near me.

  9. And that’ll be Francesca Bethell then.

  10. God dayum, even blurred out his dick is mini sized..

  11. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Is Blandford where the tank museum is? I’ve always wanted to go there.

  12. I hope derren gets cancer. I really do.

  13. That is what passes for a stripper now? I could be worth a fortune by now.


  15. Please read!! I am Darren and this has backfired on me! The twat in the picture is Jerry Soylemez and he is my sisters cheating husband! The woman who he was cheating on my sister with took these pictures and posted them to Facebook, this was an attempt to humiliate him more! It appears people believe it is me! I can assure you it is not, if you look at the profile picture you will see they are not the same person! I am happily and faithfully married with two beautiful children!! This is my wanker of a brother in law!!!

  16. Randyritraj please contact Natalie before rumours are spread, she is aware of my joke, unfortunately this has backfired, if you supposedly know me surely you can see that the picture is not me!

  17. he also tries to black-mail people for money.

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