Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Excellent Point

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  1. Yeah right, Adam! I bet that really did happen.

  2. wanky.

  3. This was taken from cranked.com

  4. cracked, rather? I think cranked is something, uh, different

  5. Well, at least Cheese has influence, even if it’s, um, not cited…

  6. The author at Cracked refers to this as a viral post from facebook and asks if anyone can cite it.

  7. Cracked thief…

  8. Yeah, did not sound real

  9. probably on lamebook for totally different reasons than being a quirky post…

  10. iIt’s funny because it’s true.
    Even funnier because it’s not true for me because my country isn’t in the toilet. Yet.

  11. A-friggin-men, Adam. Don’t care if this is stolen or not….SO true.

  12. “My therapist validated a fairly unoriginal thought I had. Ohhhhhh, uhgggg. I win. I will now go back to wetting the bed and killing small animals.”

  13. If my Therapist Touche’d me, I’d wriggle suggestively and ask them to do it again but lower down.

  14. It looks as if someone read and paraphrased a recent cracked article…

  15. The article does say it’s a FB viral status.

    Nevertheless, all FB viral status reposters should be shot

  16. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    The thing is, Adam, when they said to go to college to avoid flipping burgers, they meant go to college and do a real degree; not history of art, or music or sociology or something like that. Hell even tourism and leisure as some useful application that will get you a decent job.

  17. ^ppsssshhh. unemployment seems like its going down lately, sure. but did you know that only people who RECEIVE unemployment benifits are considered unemployed? people who have exhausted their benefits are not counted. the unemployment rate is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than what is reported. even if you get the BEST degree, the fact is that jobs are disappearing. the local and state governments cant afford to open more businesses, and so opening new jobs is getting increasingly harder.

  18. how about graphic design? Is THAT a bullshit waste-of-time degree? or teaching? These graduates also cannot find employment.

  19. I reckon that if you’re not prepared to flip burgers just because you’ve got a degree, you ARE an entitled asshole. You’ve gotta start somewhere and if you need money to get by, what is wrong with doing a menial job until you find something better? Stop being such a snob and flip burgers if thats what you need to do to get by.

  20. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff


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