Friday, November 27, 2009



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  1. succubus

  2. I think it’s quite humorous that the whole world is laughing at him.

  3. I saw this and couldn’t believe it…

  4. i was invited to this group…. but i didnt join because it was dumb

  5. Is it weird that I’m picturing the woman laughing maniacally as she manipulates the crimson thread she’s obviously got tied to his limbs? Poor bastard.

  6. Adamn & Insane FTW

  7. lol too funnny. I joined and basically she refused to marry him even after everyone joined. Such a bitch!!!

  8. Ok, a last update from the page:
    This was updated when the number was a little over a million, but most people have missed this. I don’t take this as an end, I will talk to her when everything cools down.

    Just to avoid confusion, Carolines below means three caroline in my list and which profile were plastered all over before I got them removed. Dozens of people have been sending nasty messages to them. And I urge you all not to. Please.

    I’m sorry I messed up… Some of you about her is right .. She’s asking me to stop. Please stop inviting people, it’s useless now. Thnks.

    And some of you who have been sending messages to Caroline[s], pls stop doing sso.

    Talk later.

    I failed If you want to leave, go ahead…I’m sorry.

  9. Sad thing is, he doesn’t realise how ridiculous he’s being.

  10. Or should I say, didn’t.

  11. Reading of the turn of events was quite depressing. To be fair, what did he expect? Why would some large number of people saying he should marry her sway her opinion when the vast majority of those people are only virtual acquaintances with either of them.

    Still sad.

  12. Poor guy!

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