Saturday, September 15, 2012

Man of Mystery

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  1. Let me be the first to say that that was pretty funny. Please don’t spoil my day by saying it’s old.

  2. I once had a similar experience at a Chipotle – It was awesome. I ordered and paid online and when I got there I walked right up to the counter (past a long line of people) and gave the cashier my name. She handed me a bag of food and I walked right out. No one asked me how I pulled it off, but they did looked confused!

  3. ^Ditto. The Chipotle by my old work was near several office complexes so there was always a long line at lunch time. It always felt so good skipping that line.

  4. ^
    exactly no one cares about your fucking lunches.

  5. @2 I can actually feel the tingle you must have had. But tell us more! Did you get a salad or a wrap? Beef or chicken?

  6. I’ve decided the only person in the world that I truly hate is MsAnneThrope. I don’t even hate my racist, redneck cousins, or my brother’s hippie-ass boyfriend that smokes pot all day and complains about people believing in the holocaust. The only person I actually hate is MsAnneThrope.

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  8. @6 It’s perfectly healthy for you to feel this way. I’ve detested Scar since 1994–did he have to be so mean to Simba? But I must admit, I’m slightly concerned. You have the confusion of one going through a gender transformation. Are you building a pole or digging a hole? You can tell me. I’ve seen this very thing on ER, season 4, episode 11.

  9. Huh?

  10. what you just said is very hurtful to all gender-queers who are currently questioning the gender binary, ‘right’brain.

    annoyingheifer is not a gender confusion.
    annoyingheifer is just a fucking wanker.

  11. Look at her response, MsAnne. She’s gender confusion confused. It’s worse than what I initially diagnosed. And I know damn well what I saw on TV.

  12. it’s not a psycho-sexual thing.
    she’s confused about everything.

  13. I’m going to assume the OP is fat. Why? Because, as I’ve said before, I only ever see fat people leaving Subway.

  14. Wait, what now?

  15. You hate MsAnne, evilcow? How can you be so emotionally involved in an online persona? You should go away and think about just how unhealthy that is. You don’t want to have a meltdown like poor ole Sluggy.

  16. Evilcow, please stay out of this. But MsAnne, those other confusions won’t have such permanent ramifications. This could possibly lead to gendercide. In order to save this bovine I’m prepared to start using vocabulary that is beyond my comprehension.

  17. y’all are ridiculous! p.s. where is the guy that always says “fake”?

  18. #15, I have an online girlfriend too, and I love her, problem????!!!

  19. ^ Please, stop it. I can’t handle your ridiculousness anymore.
    Lives with parents, freeloader, no employment goals, online “relationship”. Fuck.

  20. Is it trolling?

  21. all my haters are ‘special’ little poppets.

    interestingly, there is a strong causal relationship between how vociferous they are, and how asinine they prove themselves to be.

  22. I find it funny that people disparage onlone relationships when there are statistically proven to be more stable than real flesh and blood ones. Lisacummz69 and I have a loving, caring relationship, and whether it’s an onlone relationship or not is irrelevant.

  23. @22 You spelled ‘alone’ wrong. Twice.

  24. Ha, joke’s on you because I meant online.

  25. ^I know, Sweetie. And the joke, and by joke I mean blinding shit storm, is always on you.

  26. No you still don’t get it. When I said onlone I meant online, it was a typo because the i is next to the o. You thought I meant alone but I really meant online. I know it’s confusing but I just wanted to clear that up.

  27. forever alone.

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