Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Winnin’

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  1. Jona is a douche.

    Collin’s special friend is Drew’s sister. Doggie style is fun.

    Women are more sexist than men. They just scream about it more when they are the target.

  2. What kind of guys name is Jona? Was his mom like let’s name him Jon? Then maybe dad had second thoughts and said in disgust Jon…uh. Then mom said oh Jona, yeah I like it. I like to think that’s how the story went. Either way he is clearly a douche rocket and fake.

  3. You think too much Burt Reynolds.

  4. Fake.

  5. #2 – you’re story was adorable but it’s pronounced ‘Joan-uh’ like that dick from the bible who lived in a whale

  6. *your story…

  7. Oh that makes more sense. So it’s like the Jona Lisa? You know the less famous of the two sibling paintings by Da Vinci.
    If that is the case the story went like this: Wife – how about Joe? Husband – Joe?…nah. Wife – Jona…that’s perfect.

  8. ^ I applaud your story-flexibility

  9. Why isn’t it spelled “Jonah?”

  10. ^ Illiteracy must be a problem in Illinois.

  11. I just assumed Jona was a chick.. only girl names end in ‘a’.

  12. Marilyn looked better out of the skirt.

    I really don’t understand the long-winded rant that seems to completely miss the key point.
    Simply put; attractive people have more value.

  13. Or Jona is short for Jonathon. Pretty common nickname, silly thing to fixate on.

  14. Yes

  15. Nobody cool has been named Jona(h) since the guy who got eaten by a whale in that fairtale.

  16. Maybe his name is Jonathan and he couldn’t be bothered with the rest of the name.

  17. annoying_person

    Get a life. But I’m taking that Marlyn Munroe thing

  18. annoying_person


  19. Jonah Hill?

  20. Maybe it’s a female version of Jonah, and all the guys think SHE is a douche. Maybe Jona is the girl going to visit Collin and get it in the back door since Drew made that great suggestion?
    Actually, who cares?

  21. yes

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