Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Organic Birth Control

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  1. Fake.

  2. /\ correct. Fake

  3. True, this is fake.

  4. Very fake

  5. ^^^^ I fucking hate you all.

  6. I’m not even high yet, and already my nails are talking to each other? Damn.

  7. No, they’re talking to you; and they hate you.

  8. Oh, I already knew that. Feeling’s mutual.

  9. I wonder if the proceeded to eat the poop.

  10. I fucked Lori. I may be the father of that shitty child.

  11. ^virgin

  12. Lori needs to invest in better quality diapers.

  13. No shit….

  14. Thatll teach em

  15. what makes it fake? as a parent of 2, I can totally see this happening lol

  16. Welcome to Lamebook, Laura. Nice turtle.

    Ignore the children crying, “fake,” all the time. They won’t go away, but ignore them anyway.

    Lori needs to heed the label on the diaper box. When it says, “Up to 15 pounds,” they’re not kidding. That’s all those diapers can hold!

  17. There’s nothing like some projectile shit coming from a kid. There ain’t a damn diaper that can hold it, either. Shit’s nasty.

  18. ^This

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