Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chin Up

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  1. ^ It’s the lesser of two evils, honestly. Of course, any simple carbs are terrible for you. Fruit and unprocessed local honey is best, but should still be limited. Sugar is to corn syrup as tobacco is to heroin.

  2. The local unprocessed honey is great; can even cure/prevent/lessen allergies.

    I like beer, myself… you know, as a sweetener.

  3. However warped it is – or rather, it becomes – human nature is NOT a construct. Basic human needs dictate basically everything we do (see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).
    After physiological needs (food, water and shelter for basic survival – because we ALL are built to survive by any means necessary – even if that gets warped into “I need to build my empire bigger so that I can survive and my people can survive and defend ourselves against enemies.”), comes security – Safety & Security.

    How we interpret it as individuals varies vastly. I might just think it’s having steady employment, health insurance, a safe neighborhood and shelter from the environment (and a pistol for anyone whoever tries to break into my home and hurt me or my family). Someone else might think otherwise, or more or less. But it still exists.

    That spills over into what we do, and how we act. Also, the higher level needs are sought to be fulfilled as each level below it is fulfilled. Most people never make it to the Self-Actualization level.

    Regardless, humans are imperfect, and therefore subject to fail… and fail in different ways.

    Bacchante – Without getting too far into that now, you immigration – sorry, “open borders” – plan sounds great! It sounds exactly like LEGAL immigration here. Probably much to your chagrin, we have a policy here that you can serve in the military for x number of years (2-4?) and become a citizen. Also, all the other methods that are legal.
    I’m still NOT okay with illegal immigration. That literally cuts into the safety & survivability of me and my family – and I just can’t have that.

    Catchy tune by the way. I get it. 🙂

  4. the security offered by your ‘safety and survivability’ is only an illusion and a pretty crappy excuse for your institutionalized xenophobia.

  5. It’s not irrational – my argument for sovereignty – hardly xenophobia. And neither is my desire and need to keep my family safe. That’s just ridiculous. Spawn you some of your own and see how you feel about keeping them safe, and being able to feed them.

  6. sure. why the fuck not?
    there’s only 7 BILLION humans on this rapidly depleting planet already. and I’m greedy and selfish, so why not?
    I’ll take my white privilege and make sure that I have a passel of fat, blonde kids so that some kids in china and africa can slave away and make consumer products for them. THAT sounds pretty fucking smart.
    and it’s what everyone else is doing, so it must be right.

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