Wednesday, August 1, 2012


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  1. I’d yolo all over their faces.

  2. I would indeed yolo all over their faces…

  3. They’re all pretty fugly. But, of course, if you use the phrase “yolo,” there can’t possibly be any accounting for taste anyway.

  4. They’re old? Damn. Now I feel ancient.

    The one on the right looks topless. She’s also the only one I find not as attractive.

  5. Fugly… As in fat and ugly? Dear God… You must be making sweet love to a bag of bones if you think any of them are fat.

  6. God, how many different meanings for fugly are there??
    Fucking + Ugly = Fugly. “Fat” gets a whole new set of vocabulary. Like, I would have used FUPA, or Trunkbutt, or something.

    The two on the left are fuckable, but only while wearing some beer goggles.

  7. Ho fo sho

  8. I actually liked Charlie’s comment.

  9. fugly nail

  10. ^ Did you mean “nails,” halfwit? Because that’s what we would call in the industry of life, a “fail.”

  11. For the love of god someone please tell me what a fucking yolo is? I only see douchebags saying it and thats about as far as I got on it.

  12. ^ Not sure if serious or whatever, but “you only live once”.

  13. #11 – Don’t you like turtles, or something?

  14. Why do I feel like they blurred out “Sheen” after his name?

  15. I wonder if I could fit a potato into each of their mouths.

  16. ^ What size potato? Those red ones are rather small, but the white ones can be pretty big.

  17. You were close with “Sheen”… it was Charlie Harper. Why they felt the need to block this out is beyond me, why feel the need to protect the identity of a fictional character from Two and a Half Men?

  18. How exactly are you going to get four people to spell out a nine letter word, Charlie? Douchebag.

  19. ^I’m trying to stop taking everything literally, but you’re making it pretty fucking hard, dude.
    two words, frank. two words.

  20. Actually, I believe in this case you’re just being a pedant.

    *How exactly are you going to get four people to spell out two words, the first made up of five letters and the second of four, which requires a total of nine letters to be represented, Charlie? Douchebag.


  21. What’s funny is that they are spelling out YOLO.

    Charlie is just being a jerk.

  22. … OK, doing a google image search shows that “Charlie” is “Charlie Harper”, or Charlie Sheen. So by calling them whores – if it really is Sheen – he was complimenting them, in a way.

  23. ill do all of them

  24. ^ But without reciprocation, it would really just be like masturbation, eh?

  25. really heat (#21)?
    is that what they are spelling out?
    thank fuck you were here to help us with the tricky stuff.

  26. Did they really need to blur out Charlie Sheen’s name and photo?

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