Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wait a sec…

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  1. A male doctor brought me into this world. Can I keep disrespecting women?

  2. ^absolutely

  3. pretty sure that it was the vagina-owner doing all the hard grunt, frank. the male doctor was only there to play catcher and provide patriarchal condescension.
    he probably didn’t even wash his fucking hands…

  4. Monkeys can reproduce. Doesn’t matter who contributed the sperm or the egg, it’s who spends the next rest of their life concerned for you health, happiness and welfare.
    Check all the 15 year old mothers doing crack, incidence of FAS babies, HIV positive etc.
    This status is not really fake, it’s just invalid

  5. Hope everyboyd understood my point

  6. ^ Do we ever? You seem pretty… pointless.

  7. This site seems pretty….realless.

  8. You know Bacccunt, I never really read any of your posts so can’t really vouch for your opinion, but maybe just, you know, if you want to stfu, that’d be great.

  9. realless. Now I should eat my own face because I laughed at something the fake-o said.

  10. One last thing. Tequila.

  11. I wish to kill you all

  12. one: google tupacs mom two: kill yourself

  13. I would use fuuuuuuuuuck a millions times if I wasnt blocked the last time I said it….seriously…die…

  14. What do you get when you cross a Somoan and a black guy? So mo niggas!

    I’m black. Suck on that paradox.

  15. @bathsalt Are you dense?

  16. fake

  17. Haha, I still have a comment “awaiting for approval by the moderator”…..so I guess I crossed the line. Who knew there was a line here?

  18. @hawkbit Are you retarded?

  19. @hack… it isn’t hard to cross a line. You posted a url, amirite?

  20. yeah, but you can still use pretty much every racist/sexist/offensive word in the book, you just can’t spell out N1GGER (you did, didn’t you?), but, negro, negroid, nigra, porchmonkey, whore, fag, kyke, cunt, queer, gook, cocksucker, beaner, wetback, Dago, Wop, spic, ahab, chink, dune coon, gimp, jiggaboo, spook, zipperhead, and Bogan :), are generally accepted…mind you, at some point this may be deleted, SOMEBODIES being deleting my shit off of here! I got your number buddy! Now knock it off before shit get cerus up in hur!

    While going through spellcheck I came across niggler, didn’t think there was such a word, but here ya’ go:

    niggler – someone who constantly criticizes in a petty way


  22. ^
    There should be a space in between the 2 words “spell” and “check”.
    There should be a space after an ellipsis.
    An ellipsis should only be used when quoting, to indicate the end of the quote is not the end of the original statement.

  23. Are you trying to clarify what I said, or are you just niggling so other fucks don’t have to look up the definitions. Next you’re going to tell me I shouldn’t have used all caps, right. You’d be wrong there, buddy, because I was in fact, FUCKING BEING LOUD ON PURPOSE! 🙂

  24. I left plenty for you to correct, btw. So get all grammar porn on me, I just might grow a rubbery one, if you keep it up, motherfucker!

  25. Stickfigures should be seen and not heard.

  26. ^ I read with my eyes.
    do you have some sort of software for eye-cripples that converts text to voice?

  27. why wouldn’t they have text to voice if they wanted?

  28. I don’t MsAnne. I only have the ability to not take sayings so fucking literally.

  29. so you’re not fuck-sighted, then?
    cool, I had to check.
    see, I’m sick of just offending everybody all the time and shit – all the haters have really phased me, ya know? -I’ve decided to only insult blind people this evening , ‘coz I figured that the fuckers will never see it.

  30. @22 stickfigure: The period at the end of your sentence should be within the quotes, not outside.

    The use of ‘2’ (as opposed to ‘two’) is also incorrect. Proper usage of numbers in sentences is widely (read: narrowly) understood as: numbers that are ten and under get written out – i.e., one, two… ten. Numbers that are OVER 10 can/should be written as a number itself – i.e., 12, 13, 25… 100.

    Just sayin’… 😉

  31. Bogan is a brand of tripod used by video photographers. I think that’s kind of funny.

  32. Also, I feel especially pissy today, so I’ll begin by stating the obvious (that no one else did), and that will give me some sense of accomplishment:
    The page’s name is “Choke Dat Hoe” (sic).
    The quote they used was about not disrespecting a woman. Huh? Huh? Get it? Get it!?
    So fucking ghetto.

  33. Thanks Nails, you pointing out the two big red fucking boxes makes it all that much funnier.

  34. Nails:
    Please, “within the quote” or “within the quotation marks.”
    Also, “ten or lower” and simply “i.e.” without the comma will do just fine.

  35. Thank you, stubby. I knew it needed to be said, and I feel like big brother here. You’re welcome.

    Stick: Are you asking me? After “or” there should be a comma, and the period at the end (which is now within the quotation marks as it should be) should really be a question mark, eh?
    But yes, you’re right in substance on the “quotes” thing.

    However, do more research on “i.e.” In essence, it means “in other words.” That phrase (according to five different references for English writing) should have a comma after it.

    OMG i just burned you yo lol

  36. I think it’s also important to point out that 1-800-chokedathoe is too many digits (when numbers are substituted for their corresponding letters on a touch tone phone) for the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

    I also don’t understand how one can “choke a hoe” as it is an inanimate gardening implement… unless they are referring to having too tight (i.e. a strangle-hold) grip on the hoe.

    I prefer using a mattock.

  37. It’s okay if it’s too many numbers though, as the last one (or more) that are dialed will just be wasted. Companies do it all the time to get their super-catchy slogan across. Ho.

  38. Does 1-800-EAT-SHIT fit into the NANP?

  39. Yes. Yes it does. So does 1-800-FUCK-YOU.

  40. In fact, i.e. doesn’t mean “in other words,” at all; but even if it did, what something means does not dictate how you punctuate it.

    In other news, why do you assume something beginning with “please” is a question? That’s a strange thing to do.

  41. ^your parties must fucking rock.

  42. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @40 Just out of curiosity, what does i.e. mean?

  43. Id est, latin for “that is.”

  44. slayin’ ’em in the aisles.

  45. Stickyfigure: I won’t budge on the comma after i.e.
    As for your comment about the please thing; if I can’t understand what you’re saying – being of somewhat sound and educated mind, and amazing body – then you need to be more clear.

    And my parties DO rock, MsAnne!

    Just shoot me now.

  46. …bang

  47. ^ Thank you, toots!

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