Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick Winnin’

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  1. I fucked Karina then without showering fucked Miranda

  2. ^Liar!

  3. you didn’t give the dog any loving 9?

  4. #1 fat
    #2 naive
    #3 naive

  5. #4 sitting target

  6. 9 you fucked Netflix, and wished you could lick it off.

  7. ^ As if… 9 fucked Blockbuster and made them redundant.

  8. Lovefilm want 9 as a beastiality consort.

  9. Bestiality is fake.

  10. OK, I don’t get the first one. Just because she’s going to bed, saying a dog is with her counts as a bestiality joke? Huh? What does peanut butter have to do with it? I know I’m missing something and probably sound really stupid, but WTF?

  11. ^Correct

  12. Thanks

  13. ^Dogs like licking stuff, dogs like peanut butter, dogs like licking peanut butter…sure you can take it from there babes.

  14. as if evilcow has never had peanut butter licked off her nips by a hungry bitch

  15. notatroll, I wouldn’t be so sure…

  16. Incorrect. Evilcow only has one nipple. And damn me for jumping the shark here, but I know because I fucked it.
    I hate myself now.

  17. Nips, Willk? Try labia, instead.

  18. OK, I got it. Seems like an awfully contrived joke though. Where the fuck did he come up with that? He must watch a lot of bestiality porn.

  19. ^ It’s called a sense of humour. You should try it one day.

  20. My point was that the joke was poorly constructed and too complicated to bring on the immediate shock value that comedy requires. So I obviously have more of a sense of humor than you.

  21. ^it was only complicated for you, dear. because you’re a fucking idiot.

  22. ^She did not get mine either

  23. It goes against comedy. First you have to think about the dog licking the peanut butter, then you have to make the jump to thinking about her spreading peanut butter on her vagina. It’s stupid. It’s like someone saying “I just bought a baseball bat and an oven”, and someone saying “By oven do you mean video camera?” because they saw some video where a girl masturbated with a baseball bat in front of a camera. It’s a huge, stupid leap that’s specific to a certain experience. Shameful excuse for a joke.

  24. Evilcow, I don’t usually call people out on living under a rock, because who has the time or inclination to trawl the entire internet? I take a perverse pride in some of the shit that I have no clue about.

    BUT… when the second result returned by Google when typing “peanut butter dog” leads you to Snopes, and you realise that this joke / urban legend has been around since 1994 for fuck’s sake, you realise that it isn’t actually complicated, or a leap in logic. You were just unaware, so it seemed random to you.

    Thanks for your time and attention.

    As you were.

  25. I believe that heifer actually knew that, Bacchante. Remember how she’s a hardcore troll? it was her on the breastfeeding/religion combo wasn’t it?
    I forget these things.

  26. Yeah, I was almost tempted enough – being weak-minded and all – to call her out on that, too. But I just couldn’t bring myself to care enough. I remember back to breastfeeding and the month(s) since then, and it make me want to just curb stomp her.

    But kudos to you, Bacchante. 😉

  27. Maybe I don’t know about that stuff since I’m not a pervert that jerks off to bestiality porn like everyone here is apparently.

  28. People who like bestiality porn are exactly like hitler
    There. I’ve godwin’d the thread. Move along people, nothing more to see.

  29. hitler was a vegetarian.
    I think there is a joke there somewhere, but it’s probably been made about 6 million times before, because it’s a hitler joke.

  30. Well most vegetarians like to have sex with animals, because they believe they’re equals.

  31. ^ ALL vegetarians.

  32. Hitler was not a vegetarian. He loved Bavarian sausage.. and that was not innuendo.

  33. no, I guess it was inhisendo.

  34. Probably. Typical closet case.

  35. he overcompensated a fair bit, though.

  36. @29: Hitler Joke. 6 million times.
    Well played.

  37. ^ It wasn’t well played. It was well executed.

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