Tuesday, July 31, 2012

C’mon Jeff…

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  1. Kind of sad, Jeff wasn’t even smart enough to get rickrolled correctly.

  2. perfection!

  3. “Rickrolling” is fucking stupid. Goddamn hipsters. I’m so glad I don’t even know what that shit is.

  4. I wonder if the creator of Lamebook has 1 nut because his humor is kind of shit.

  5. How does the number of testicles one has affect one’s sense of humor? Would their color affect one’s humor, too?

  6. I lost a testicle and it did affect my sense of humour.
    I found it hilarious.

  7. only people that think rickrolling is stupid is the person that gets rickrolled. this is a clever way to rickroll someone. waaaay better than just having the person click a link to the video.

  8. 38% of lamebookers don’t know the opposites of these words:
    1. That
    2. Was
    3. Real

  9. Always –> Temporary? wtf!?!?

  10. #6 – But who’s testicle was it?

    #8 – This will be unreal?

  11. She probably means “This wasn’t fake”

  12. I hate Jeff for using ‘lol’ inappropriately. Unless he really did make himself laugh..

  13. as Eddie implied I’m blown away that a person able to profit $7977 in four weeks on the internet. did you look at this site N u T T y R i C h D o t C o m

  14. Eddie needs a swift kick with a frozen boot to the nards for all the crap he implies.

  15. Now that song is stuck in my head

  16. ^ it must be lonely

  17. kirsde just rickrolled lamebook….again

  18. @7 fatzomog: Really?
    OMG, I would be so like WTF if someone rickrolled me dis way dawg! I’m all like daaang and my peeps is all like daaang u got rickrolled bro! jk i love rickrollin n shit. its like SO in now lol. l8r bff!

  19. fugly nail

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