Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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  1. Sub 70 IQ. I am estimating too.

  2. Takes one to know one! OH OH OH OH B-B-B-BUUUUURRRRNNNNN ! ! ! !

  3. By the way, anyone know where Steever went? … Oh yeah, I FUCKED HIS ANUS SO HARD HE DIED ! ! ! I AM THE ANAL DESTROYER, I DESTROY ANUS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK YOU!!!!

  4. Also this is a repost, what the fuck lamebook.

  5. Talk about someone living up to their name!
    Anal, so anal!!!

  6. Just what lamebook needs. Another 13 year old spewing the same shit page after page.

  7. Anal: That’s hot.

  8. Just think Franky, in the US, a majority of the public schools are going to be let out for their summer break in just over two months. I can’t wait! I know I’m probably being a bit too optimistic, but hopefully it doesn’t have too much of an effect here.

  9. Wow, hindu actually managed a funny comment. Well fucking done. Cunt. As for anal destroyer, I’m assuming you were molested by your father (or it still occurs). Just so you know, there ARE people out there who want to help you. Call 0800 STFUCUNT for more info.

  10. Lost-Dog, thanks for your advice! I rang the number but it went through to your MUM, who by the way I FUCKED LIKE A DOG 😀 I DRILLED HER ANUS BALLZDEEP LOL I DESTROY ANUS, BOY DID YOUR MUM TAKE A GOOD DICKING!

  11. My mother died yesterday

  12. Lost dog, I think your dog probably ran away. I am just estimating.

  13. ^I think you will find its estimatingg. Jeez, if nothing else can’t we just learn something from the bitch.

  14. When all else fails call someone a cunt!

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