Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good Luck

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  1. I think she meant to add “in public”

  2. She’ll figure it out eventually.

  3. That’s hot.

  4. Almost certain the type of girls who post this stuff are the same ones who suck the most d*ck.

  5. Jessica isn’t lying, she doesn’t blow … but she takes a good dick in her anus! I know because I DESTROYED HER TIGHT A-HOLE AND DRILLED HER BALLZDEEP!!! HAHAHAHAHHA

  6. Ahhh good ol’ ANAL-DESTROYER. Bringing some much needed (cl)ass to the comments section. Thank you for your enlightening input my good chap.

  7. No problemo Ms, but how is your ANUS these days? I hear it’s mighty SORE after I buried my FAT COCK IN YOUR ASS. I DESTROY ANUS!!! HAHAAHHAHAHAHA

  8. How does she eat her birthday cake?

  9. Prude!

  10. There is one battle she is gonna lose.
    I Luke anal’s enthusiasm!

  11. ^ like

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