Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Fraped gets Revenge

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  1. I took his little sister’s virginity.

  2. I’m just feeling pure delight and admiration. 😀

  3. Thank you, I appreciate it.

  4. Someone spent a lot of time in Jay’s room…

  5. He should have filled those cups with powdered toast!


  6. necrophiliac64258


  7. I like powdered toast.

  8. George shoulda waited for the ‘after’ shot before he sent all that in. then I would have been impressed.

  9. Or considered his friend may possess logic….and scissors.

  10. @ Noobsauce: Your reply on my comment (which ofc was a tribute to George’s creativity) must be your most sophisticated try at a joke so far! :O
    Alas, still not good enough to measure up to the cathegory “joke”… but it was close! Who knows what you might achieve a few years from now with persistent practising?

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