Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That Sucks

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  1. It’s called a vacuum cleaner. A Hoover is a brand of vacuum. Much like a Kleenex is a tissue.

  2. Bradles in England its called the hoover it’s slang over here.

  3. That’s braise the English are retards. Now excuse me while I grab a cool beverage from my Whirlpool.

  4. *because. Apparently I am also a retard.

  5. I love my iPhone.

  6. This Charming Man

    Hardly an awkward moment. It would be awkward if they were listening to their headphones while using the Hoover in an inappropriate way, only to look up and realise that their parents/grandparents/siblings had caught them in a difficult to explain situation. Not turning the Hoover on is just a pain in the ass.

  7. Are we sure they weren’t hovering?

  8. I’ll get you a Band-Aid for your boo boo, bradles.
    Or a sticking plaster… or something…

  9. Yeah, or that awkward moment when you see a gag on the TV show Fresh Meat, then post it to your status a couple of days later as if it was something that actually happened to you. Lame, Paul. Very lame.

  10. Lesbian.

  11. That’s not an “akward” moment. It’s not even an awkward one. Paul is an idiot.

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