Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That’s a Great Question

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  1. Z is a genius.

    However, he’s going to end up getting his ass kicked by someone with little patience.

  2. Not accurate.

    “Z, what are you doing this weekend?”

    “That’s a great question. My opponent, as you know, voted to cut 6 hours out of the weekend and completely privatize Sundays, which would hurt our middle class and kill jobs. I believe American weekends are the greatest weekends in the world, and I’ll fight to keep them that way.”

  3. Powdered toast man for president!


  4. carlosspicyweiner

    It’s safe to assume that obama’s weekend won’t be spent answering emails for more security at various embassy’s.

  5. That is gold. Z could get a book deal out of that.

  6. I think this post; what this post really needs most, is a good, funny, and insightful comment.
    Us, all of us here have had strong intentions on fulfilling this in a short and professional manner. We are ready to do this; we have the time, and resources to fulfill this goal. It’s what the people of Lamebook, the ones that read or make comments themselves want, and deserve.
    We’ve done it before, and as a community, will do it again!

  7. ^ I must have been absent that day.

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