Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seeing is Believing

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  1. nooooodddddllllleeeessss!!

  2. Hmmm….. I’m guessing:
    #1 – West Virginia
    #2 – Alabama or Arkansas
    #3 – Jersey


  4. 1 – Meh.
    2 – Ooh, just like my dreams–going to my car and finding tons of food and a big cock.
    3 – Moms, you are eating cheap.

  5. slicingupeyeballs

    Um, Fiancee is the feminine, Fiance the masculine.

    So, Sassan stood laughing, for several minutes, at her own stupidity..?

  6. @slicingupeyeballs that’s what I figured? What a dope. In fact, this looks like a bit of a fail for lamebook..

  7. I was just coming to say what #5 said…

    but here is a joke for you : what do you call someone who speaks 2 languages ? bilingual. what do you call someone who speaks 3 languages ? trilingual. what do you call someone who speaks many languages ? what do you call someone who speaks many languages ? polyglot.

    and what do you call someone who only speaks one language ? an American.

    Good night !

  8. Fiance, fiancee, whatever, talk about a nuance most people aren’t even aware of; it’s the absence of the word “HIS” that makes this card a complete fail.

  9. Ruty: What do you call someone who makes rash generalizations about the residents of a country with more than 300 million people AND types the very same sentence twice? A retard.

    “Good night”! =)

  10. I agree with #8 it looks as if the brother is also the fiancee without the word “his”.

  11. Joshua, you would have seen ‘everything’ when the chicken started the car and drove away.

  12. At least he cracked open a window

  13. My mother and ex-wife share a birthday. I once wrote them a happy birthday email addressed to “My mother and lover” and filled it with what I thought were lovely compliments that applied to both of them.

    It didn’t help that I accidentally put my wife’s name in the cc area, but she thought I was being disgusting to call my mother my lover. And when my mother realised I was also addressing my wife, she said the things I wrote were “generic crap”. Eventually, both my and my wife’s extended families were getting cc’ed in.

    It turned out well in the end though because it made me remember that I had only proposed to her by accident anyway.

  14. Joshua must be pretty young if that’s the first time he’s ever seen anyone take their cock out in the car.

  15. meh. Last night I had a rooster AND a full size dairy goat in my SUV. What I find weird about that picture is the amount of garbage and stuff packed in it. Gross

  16. I sometimes let my cock steer, but NEVER my dairy goat.

  17. Your fucking mental mass

  18. See mass, everytime I let my cock lead the way, it inevitably leads to trouble…

  19. #s 5, 6, & 7 it’s not a lamebook fail, it’s a Hallmark fail for poor grammar

  20. I’d munch on dem nuts. Bet they taste like raspberry…

  21. I must be really tired, but I laughed a lot at the first one and not because of the bad grammar…the really sad and beat up looking teddy bears holding mugs just seemed really weird to me.

  22. I’m sure having that cock in the back seat of the car would be far more comfortable.

  23. Ahhh this is the old age question isn’t it?

    Which came first the chicken or the egg….neither it’s the cock, it’s always the cock.

  24. throwingtofu > sooooooo… did I mention it was a JOKE ?

    I am sure I did…

    did you take offense because of a … JOKE ?

    awwwww… po po booh booh !

  25. #7 the reason i don’t speak italian or german is because those countries fucked up and my ancestors moved away and wanted nothing to do with them!

    AND the reason i don’t speak cherokee is because the above people moved here…

  26. Okay that first one is tenuous as fuck. I had no idea what the confusion was meant to be until I read the comments, but apparently you have to misread the card and assume it’s for one person.

    A joke is shit if the joke only exists because the teller was dumb as shit and misunderstood something. It’s like comedians who say ‘oh, I went to buy a vacuum cleaner and the salesman offered me a vacuum cleaner holder (yeah, I’m looking at you Rhod Gilbert, you one note fuck), what’s with that’, and you think ‘it’s for holding vacuums, you twat, why don’t you do some research’.

    I don’t even remember what my point was.

  27. I don’t mind Rhod Gilbert. But I wish he’d shut the fuck up about shops he’s been into and things he’s been advertised that he doesn’t understand.

  28. i’m still stumped on the first one. is it because it doesn’t specify that it’s for HIS fiancee? derp.

  29. #28 > no, it’s because people who don’t know that fiancee is feminine read it to mean that the brother is the fiance at the same time (i.e. engaged to his sister)… I don’t blame you for not getting it…

  30. oh and also, I never said my joke was good either… 😀

  31. @benladen : you do realise that there are many many many many other languages that you could speak other than the three you mentioned and the one you are writing in, right ?


  32. ah, thank you ruty. i suppose i was hung up on the e/ee thang. (ps…how dumb. i think the patchwork teddies holding mugs are more entertaining.)

  33. dude, you have not seen everything until you’ve lived in Africa.

  34. I think pic#2 is my Grandma’s car…

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