Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Deep Thoughts

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  1. I don’t get the last one. Someone explain? Also, the puppy bowls are adorable.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I assume he means” What if some magnets had a magnetic north/south that attracts a regular magnet’s magnetic north/south respectively?”

  3. episode in Magnet World the norm is that opposites attract. What if two south magnets decided were attracted to each other, rather the the expected north-south?

    It’s stupid that’s it’s called puppy bowl. I hate names like that; it’s not called ‘human bowl’ when it’s people playing.

  4. * omit ‘decided’

  5. Ask the mormoms about the gay magnets?

  6. *Mormons

  7. slicingupeyeballs

    A blowjob is third base?

    well fuck me, I’d rather get gobbed off than have to clamber onto some tart and exert myself. I’d always condidered a lazy blowie a home run…

  8. blow jobs and hand jobs are the same base? Here I always thought a handy was second…

  9. A bj is third. kiss,boobage,finger stinkage and willy stinkage.

    a hand shandy for boob and bj for stinky fingers???

  10. It’s not called the ‘human bowl’ becauseit’s not something that different species really play. If bird and dogs and fish played football, it would probably be called the human bowl or the bird bowl or the FISH bowl (oh, hahaha).

    It makes sense to call it the ‘puppy bowl’ because it’s something other than humans playing it.

    I think I briefly watched that last year. I couldn’t watch it very long. I think it had too much of that super cheesy, “And now Bruno takes the ball in the left pocket!” “Oh, Johnny steals it from Bruno!!!”

  11. but puppies are different species of dog. so a Labrador puppy and a poodle puppy are the same ya??

  12. @Conor — White dudes and black dudes are the same species, just different race. Lab pups and poodle pups are the same species, just different breed. Questions?

  13. I don’t get the second. I read the satirical stories about Palin commenting on Egypt, but…how do Egyptians control anyone’s internet?

  14. We are the human race, black or white.


  15. what about white chicks and black girls???? your the sexist racist male chauvinist bastard that fathered me arent you.

  16. @ Conor you’re a fuckin window licker!

  17. i love licking dusty windows, you know that feeling when you wake up after drinking the night before? the really dry tongue ya?? well i love having a constantly dry tongue. anytime it gets wet i have a terrible fear that i will actually drown in my own saliva

  18. ………Spanka. did you call me a retard for saying blacks and whites are the same??

    Or was it just you calling me a retard for another reason??

    Or are ye both so narrow sighted that ye dont understand the term ‘race’???

    Hey what do you call a black pilot??

  19. I wish Sarah Palin would just…keep saying the stupid things she says so I can be entertained (also fodder for the Daily Show, etc…)

  20. Pep – For someone so superior to the rest of us, I would think you would watch the current events of the day! Maybe get your ass off this site occasionally and save the rest of us from your obvious ignorance.

  21. @ Connor – What do you call two Filipino pilots?

  22. Anoek, Could you please explain to me how one gets from Egyptians rioting against their government to taking away someones’ internet because a politicien made a joke that was then amplified by a story from Christwire?

    Methinks you’re missing discernment and nuance as well as knowledge of current events…by the by: non-sequiturs are funnier when you add some wit to your bite.

  23. politician

  24. I believe he is referring to the Egyptian president shutting shutting down the internet in Egypt temporarily. As in, he took away their internet.

  25. Well I have to go batten down the hatches. Will be getting my own blow job from Yasi soon.

  26. Troll, are you that close to Yasi? The fucker is a 1000kms wide, and packing atomic strength winds, and it’s 10 times bigger than Tracy! Biggest thing we’ve ever seen here. Stay safe, mate.

  27. I’m about 60k south of Bowen on the edge of it so hopefully the night wont be too bad. I’m sure tomorrow wont be a pretty picture though.
    Oh and thanks.

  28. Conor. I am embarrassed for you, seriously. You are ignored 95% of the time and made fun of the rest of the time. Please stop.

  29. word, are you near it?

  30. No, she’s locked up in my shed right now. She’ll have to face a cyclone later, but not Yasi.

  31. Ah good! I’m relieved to know that Walter. Better she be roughed up by you than Yasi…

  32. walter’s cyclone doesn’t sound so bad…not so rough.
    we deal with that every day here in the US.

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