Friday, December 25, 2009

It’s a Lamebook Christmas: Part 1





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  1. first christmas comment…

  2. I hate xmas.

    And by the sounds of it, so do all of these people.

  3. Future Judge Mathis episode

  4. I’m guessing Josh won’t be travelling for a while.

  5. Xmas: getting folks together under one roof again – folks who should NEVER be under one roof.

  6. Nice, these sort of help keep the Holiday in focus.
    My relatives just keep reminding me how fat I am.

    Happy Christmas to all and I hope you all get a good God smacking…even Kenny Chen.

  7. Lisa is fishing for more boobliments.

  8. boobliments hahaha I like that made up word.

    Emily is a bitch but I love her style.

  9. I didn’t understand a word in Rick’s first post…

  10. then you are an idiot

  11. There’s only 2 and a bit words in Ricks post, what’s there to not understand?

  12. then you suck 😀

  13. I really don’t understand Zrot’s first or second comment.

  14. Vince from purchasing

    If Rick did lol, it must have been quite a mirthless laugh. He seems to be over-reacting just a tad.

    Oh, btw, for Zrot – Rick was expressing his fondness for rum and eggnog. The giveaways for me were the words rum and eggnog, the letter n separating them and intended to be shorthand for the word and, and the emoticon at the end indicating pleasure. No need to thank me.

  15. Vince, I’d like to thank you.

    And I would also like to express my fondness for you.

    Your post made me smile.

  16. I hope the garbage truck gets that shit from out in front of my house.

  17. Hey Lisa, send pics and maybe I can provide some more compliments. 😉

  18. Hey Rick, well said!

  19. I’m not understanding the Chris one…

  20. Ah, another homosexual reference. Stupid.

  21. Lisa give us a look so we can compliment you as well.

  22. Lisa, mothers-in-law never pay you compliments. She either said “your breasts look bigger than usual” meaning that she thinks you have put on weight, or you misheard her and she actually said “you’re a big tit” instead of “you’ve big tits”

  23. who’s the dumbass that censored out josh’s picture when he doesn’t even have one?

  24. Lisa, at least it wasn’t your father in law – AWKWARD!


  26. Christ on a cracker

    @Mercure: I’m with you there, Mother-in-laws will be caught dead before they say anything nice. But what I really think she meant was, “Your tits are showing all over, you fucking perverted whore. Cover them before I drag you all the way to neighbor’s”.

  27. beautifuldisasterxo

    haha chris you rock, that was awesome. way to put him in his place!

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