Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tricks on Chicks

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  1. BEN

  2. Ben Dover

  3. I love this. You cannot help but love the horrible grammar and writing that these people have. Its amazing! Its hilarious! Its tragic but I can’t help but look!

  4. I like how Kelle slides in there with her comment to smooth things over and there’s no reply about it.

  5. Good god keshafan, trying hard enough?

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Huh? I think my post got deleted. But the gist of it was
    1. He has cheated on you.
    2. He is cheating on you.
    3. He WILL keep cheating on you with any available girls.

    And your response is to just try and dissuade other girls from having sex with him. Conclusion,Tamecka must be one desperate and or ugly hog of a bitch. Enjoy your polygamy Michael(at least with the girls who are not on your Facebook.)

  7. Posts like this make me wish I wasn’t black…aye yi yi

  8. Well, Dukey, none of them actually called him names or acted offended. I mean that “gtfoh” doesn’t sound/look/feel shocked.

    My guess is Michael will continue to enjoy his polygamy, even with his facebook friends.

    Kelle’s in on the action too.

    Now, the real issue here is with ALL the names. Bunny? Seriously?

  9. Stupid tamecka for causing an LOL at an overused tired joke by now….and Kelle is smarter than the rest- except she “fall for niggas tricks”

  10. I second what Kal said – how did Kelle’s comment just get glazed over in this exchange, is dude enagaged or no? I’m confused.

  11. @1dream1reality,
    According to Urban the spelling is “ay ay ay” — but it took me several guesses to find it.

  12. Gotta love how public they are about their sordid lives. Kinda reminds me of that episode on Maury Povich a couple years ago. “I KNOW she been seduxin’ him wid huh chicken tetruhZINI!!! Now he be fuckin e’ery ho in town! Watch yo’self!”

  13. Dukey, you forgot:

    4. He will give you AIDS.

  14. saunkhogben, thanks for the indirect explanation, I couldn’t get what she was saying, thought it was a chant of some kind 🙂

    on the brighter side of things. I’ll put all my money down to say he’ll catch something nasty, pass it on to them and they’ll all be eliminated from the gene pool.

  15. @saunkhogben

    what are you talking about? You know the spanish accent on cartoons “aye yi yi” it was a joke lol..idk what the hell ay ay ay is but umm..alright

  16. @saffer

    LOL it’s not a chant! You’ve never watched cartoons? That little gonzalez thing would say it all the time..It’s not any sort of slang or anything..*face palms head*

  17. Going by the Spanish name of the character I can’t say I’ve seen that one- it would have been out of my region. I get what you were saying though after saunk explained it 🙂

  18. @1 dream & saffer,
    I didn’t remember Speedy Gonzalez using the term, but I remembered Ricky Ricardo.
    However you spell it, though, a facepalm is the perfect accompaniment.

  19. Let’s clear one thing u stupid mfs begging for attention tamecka didn’t sleep wit him. The person that is desperate here is the bitch who posted this. Trying to. Convince herself she not a lonely stupid bitch for staying with after he cheats over and over and still have unprotected sex with him for dukey u must be the ugly BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Well that changes things. Apparently Tamecka is NOT a “desperate and or ugly hog of a bitch.”
    Turns out she is a desperate and or ugly hog of a cock teasing bitch. Live and learn huh?
    She is engaged to him and she is not just withholding sex from him but she is actively cock blocking him too. What a bitch.

  21. Now taking bets on how many illegitimate children these fine upstanding young ladies have between them………….

    @ least nine

  22. And THIS is why the world is getting stupider. Idiots having dozens of children, while the smart people hardly have any.

  23. I think that she may want to spell his first name correctly, that would be a start. And I lol’d at hide ur wife… even if it’s played out.

  24. Yeah I still laugh at the hide you wife stuff too 🙂

  25. Yeah the last line got me too. I was hedging a little on the commitment but I’m glad I stayed with it.

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