Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. Ryan should also add a comma to that.

    Antoine is a hypocrite. Inbreds*

    Erika, cars don’t do that.

  2. Inbreeds** Fuck, how ironic!

  3. why do people even write that “fucking a” phrase? it is so stupid and i’ve never seen it look nondisturbing

  4. Wasn’t ‘Fucking a man!’ a meme here for a while anyway…

  5. I think I’d miss my own wedding for the Packers playing in the Superbowl.

  6. Fucking a piñata.

  7. #3, It’s not “fuckin’ a.” It’s “fucking aye,” as in yes.

  8. Assuming that Ryan is actually a Packers fan and not just someone who was watching the game and decided to root against the Bears….then Holly is a BITCH. It’s his nephew, not his kid. And nephews have birthdays every year. Your team winning the NFC championship does not happen every year.

  9. Get ‘er done yo!

  10. Right on, substyle. 😉

  11. @Anders, unless what he is trying to say is “Fucking Awesome” in which case “Fuckin’A” will do.

    I cannot believe I am talking about the correct spelling of a stupid saying. Geez.

  12. It’s Fuckin Eh! up here in Canada.

  13. @substyle, very true. Or she could have thrown the kid a football party, kill two birds with one football.

  14. there is no typo in the first one. The trashy ass Packer fan celebrated by fucking a baby. 😐

  15. Whenever anyone says “fucking A” to me, I tell them to fuck a “B” because it has more holes.

  16. no i know it stands for fucking awesome, but it’s so stupid to write it “fucking a.”

    i mean, i’ve seen on lamebook: fucking a baby and fucking a grampa, both very disturbing

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Fucking a animal.

  18. What do the Muppets have to do with it? 😉

  19. wht indeed, Martain

  20. *Martin. Or was I subconsciously spelling his name wrong on purpose?

  21. Holly clearly doesn’t understand sports fans. Playoffs come first.

  22. I don’t even like sports, but if I had a choice between watching a football game or going to some little kid’s party…

  23. The Packers made Lamebook!
    GO, PACK, GO!

  24. I think Martin is allergic to vowels.

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