Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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  1. * runs to join group *

    I see a promising future for this kid

  2. I hope the kid’s therapist accepts Facebook group members as payment.

  3. Therapist? This kid is named after one of the coolest pop culture characters of all time!

    It sure as hell beats being called Chardonnay or TescoValue4Eva

  4. Hmmmm, I’ve heard worse. The woman walking down the back street behind my workshop bellowing after her child with the never to be forgotten moniker of ” Chelsea Redbull “.

  5. This dad is only doing it because his name is Robin.

  6. Man, I wish my dad had had FaceBook so I could be named Batman

  7. um this is so old

  8. My husband wanted to name our kid Optimus Prime, I said NO! He was completely serious.

  9. I hope he has a sister named Robin.

  10. I wonder how many people out there named Bruce Wayne… hate Batman.

    And Peter Parker hating Spiderman.

    And Shaniqua Tannison hating Wonder Woman.

    They seem like fairly common names and I’m sure there were plenty of each, before the comics came out.

  11. Haha. He might like. I seen a fully grown man go to the courts and change his first and middle name to Optimus Prime. I thought it was pretty cool….

  12. @somerandomchick – my cat’s name is optimus prime, no lie

    @the batson guy – naming a pet something like that is ok because an animal will never realize that they got stuck with a stupid ass name…

  13. Moar liek Batshit Insane.

  14. @facepunch5000 – my cat’s name is Megatron… we should put our cats in the same room and stand back and watch what happens.
    @the batson guy – would he start out being called Batboy or would you just call him Batman from the get go?

  15. I can see it now…

    “Daddy, why am I named ‘Batman'”?
    “Well, son, come sit on my knee. I’ve got something to tell you. A long time ago, there was this thing called ‘Facebook’. When you were born, it was the most important thing in my life. Because of this, I made an important life decision for you. My love of a social network site, has effectively ended your social networking.”


  16. This is almost as nauseating as the couple who wanted to name their child after the co-ordinates of where they met.

  17. We almost convinced a friend of mine to name his son Megatron for $500. It would have been epic!

  18. @January – i love it. Be warned though, my Optimus is so hardcore she eats her own fur off, because bald spots are just like battle scars.. =/

  19. Atleast he won’t be faced with the problem of growing into/out of his name. He can be Batbaby/boy/teen/man/’pa.

  20. everyone’s gonna know he’s not really batman…

  21. hehe…. i just joined 🙂

  22. @captain obvious: Well duh, that’s why they’re going to refer to him only by his nickname: Bruce Wayne.

  23. I wish I could own a kid or a kitten like now because I like cats and goats.

  24. You know what’s lame? I went to join this group after seeing this, only to find i was already a member.
    I join way too many groups.

  25. Hahahahaha, tojeem, thats awesome! Love it!!!

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