Monday, March 28, 2011

Still Blackin’ Out

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  1. I quite enjoyed that, Drew. I’ll give you an A- for that effort.

  2. lol @ the stephen hawking one. best rebecca black joke so far, because jokes about disabled people are generally pretty funny.

    the long one was shit and boring. if you listen carefully, you can almost hear drew laughing at his own ingenuity. sadly, this sort of witless tripe passes for humour in some quarters.

  3. I loved Drew’s paper. I think we would get along.

  4. Drew should probably cite his last sentence.

  5. I have no fucking clue what all this is about. Hooray!

  6. Jokes about physically disabled people are not funny!

  7. I almost decided “tl;dr” on Drew’s note, but I’m glad I changed my mind. That was rather witty.

  8. dear Rebecca Black, get in the trunk bitch.

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