Monday, August 23, 2010

Read ’em & Weep

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  1. Okay, I had to register just to point out a certain something about the first pic.
    Supposing that “r8pr” is supposed to be read “raper”, I am amazed that no one has yet pointed out that the plate in fact says “ju(jew) r8pr()raper. Jew raper!
    Suddenly the Orlando Christian Station sticker makes a bit more sense, eh?

  2. Speaking of the first picture. That doesn’t look like any dash I have ever seen. It looks more like the hatchback. I have seen alot of those.

  3. If you look closely enough Morf is developing a hunchback, that’s why he’s let a six year old child tattoo a load of wank on his back, to try and distract from his repulsive deformity.

    I do not normally indulge in Licence plate based conversation with people who i am not well acquainted, but i know the owner of that car and it actually reads ‘Rate PR’. He’s in advertising and PR management you see and is interested in the general publics opinion of his job.

    I told him to kill himself because he works as a professional cunt.

  4. @lmamofo It is a Jacksonville University license plate, and the school’s colors are green and white. If you look at the license plate frame, it says “Alpha Epsilon Phi”, which is a sorority. I know this car. I went to JU. It belongs to one of my sorority sisters.

  5. @dmartin716

    Actually the JU stands for Journalist Undergraduate, which my associate was before becoming a PR manager. The Greek shit is his little nod of the head to his Greek grandparents.

    In short one of us is a liar.

    It’s either you, an educated soriety sister with nice knickers or me, a convicted fraudster with a record for lying about licence plates. (my undies are nice too but didn’t really deserve a mention)

    I think we both know who is the liar here, eh fibber? (your pants are on fire)

  6. dirtylittlepretty

    i saw rate PR


  7. @56
    JU is for Jacksonville University (my alma mater) and the license plate numbers are randomly assigned by the Public Safety department. Well that’s a little ironic too, isn’t it.

  8. @dtronol


    JU stands for Jesus Unicorn, (my auntie Pauline) Licence Plates are never randomly assigned. There is a very stringent selection process that involves cucumbers and celery….so nuh!

    JU it seems is directly supplying Americas’ next generation of High Achievers.

  9. JU is also my alma mater, from which I can tell you that graduates are furnished with free (after rebate) JU plates courtesy of the Alumni Association.

    Also, the driver is female (and I’m pretty sure I know her). Alpha Epsilon Phi is a sorority.

  10. #2 is riduclously fucked up!
    I’m all for poeple getting whatever they wish inked but it’s not even done well!!

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