Monday, August 23, 2010

Open & Honest

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  1. BLINK….

  2. Crimmer!

    Classic masturbation honesty

  3. Sounds like Harry left his facebook on when he left the room. I hate when that happens. . . .

  4. Tru, Harry and Chris should all meet up and masturbate together…. They all seem like they would enjoy that homosexual-erotic experience!

    Awwwww what a sweet 3 way relationship that would make,I could cry, BAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

  5. Bah

  6. The person who sent Harry’s status in actually liked it. :S Either he’s joking or they’re a twat.

  7. Or he got… no, I refuse to use the word ‘fraped’.

  8. Either Harry’s sex addict treatment is paying off, or Sarah is handling the news of him being a giant cheating douche pretty well…

    And for the chick who posted the last one: that’s why you shouldn’t be a whore, or at least not with morons who will post that on facebook.

  9. I respect Tru’s honesty.

  10. casshern, it’s called a circle jerk. Jeez.

  11. I applaud Chris’ comment, she brought this on herself. Being a man myself, I can completely understand that one oh his fondest memories of some chick he knows is when he banged her. Failing to realise this at this stage of mankind’s history is just plain ignorant.

  12. *one of his fondest memories*

  13. As for the last one – she deserved it for being a tagwhore. Seriously, stop tagging people in random shit that they do not appear in. It is spam, pure and simple, and if I got the chance to “talk back” like he just did, I would be more than happy to mention the first time she snorted two entire lines of coke and banged the entire football team in a forum her parents can read, because seriously, cut that shit out.

  14. When Harry Forced Sarah–this summer’s hilarious new comedy!

    Props to Chris for responding to treacle with misspelled truth.

  15. What Frank said. Anyone who tags me in a photo I’m NOT in, along with a bunch of other people, as a result of which my inbox fills quicker than I can delete the e-mails with notifications of people commenting, they deserve someone like Chris to comment.

    Besides, unless she’s a true good girl who never does anything ‘wrong’, (and apparently she isn’t, since she had sex with Chris), why tag her parents AND her friends, when her friends could mention anything, like the time they got high, stole her mom’s car, and totalled it.

    …that’s what the cool kids do, right?

  16. Tru cuts right to the chase. A girl after my own heart.

  17. Psch, amateur. You don’t tell ’em you’ll be masturbating.

    …I would assume.

  18. Honesty is a good thing

  19. I think Tru’s honesty will get a good result eventually. If you send that message 100 times, someone is bound to be flattered that you want to masturbate whilst looking at their photo? Right?

  20. Tru’s post reminds me that in todays world of easy accessible pornographic images, we should worry about the sexual health of future generations.

    Before the advent of the internet people were forced into buying porn mags filled with rotund ladies who looked like aunties with big floppy breasts.

    So hideous were these women that one was forced into smashing one out to the artfully crafted stories contained within those muck filled mags. The art of tugging off to the written word is a sadly dying one. I’m wanking right now and having a thoroughly enjoyable time doing so.

  21. “the art of tugging off to the written word is a sadly dying one”

    wow… just wow

  22. @mlkqsd

    oooh yeah…write like that again baby…ughh…quote me harder bitch…..wooahhhhh…too late!

    You’re one sexy mother typer mlksqd.

  23. dirtylittlepretty

    in my opinion the written word can be quite erotic..maybe just because I have a knack for it tho??

  24. Man Lamebook woulda had some fun censoring out all those last names in that uber-tagged post.

  25. I like how Sarah says she was “forced to abort the baby”

    What..did he put a gun to your head and keep it there at the clinic? If you decided to get an abortion, that’s your own fault, dumbass. If you wanted to keep it, then you should have kept it and if keeping him as your bf or whatever was more important to you, you did it by your own free will, so don’t pawn it off on Chris. Boo frickin’ hoo.

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