Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family Matters

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  1. First Dildo of the day.

  2. Gizelle in my pants

  3. First one’s fake.


  4. @commish

    Agreed,first one is most definitely fake. Someone tried too hard to make the story sensational and ended up making it sound immature, and very obviously written by a teen.

    Please let’s not let lamebook become another FML….

  5. I’m guessing the second one is fake too. No father is so far under the rock that he doesn’t know what a dildo is, unless he’s Amish, in which case (a) his daughter wouldn’t show him hers, and (b) she probably wouldn’t have a Facebook either.

  6. Momentary.Thing

    Plus, (c)they wouldn’t be in a car.

  7. That too.

  8. Oh. My . God. Get the fuck off my lamebook, you oxygen stealing, monkey-ball sucking, shitsticks.

  9. Ha! PA is so topical 😛

  10. I certainly hope the first one is fake, because otherwise Sarah is too moronic for words, and Jamie is an overreacting b!tch.
    I don’t think it is beyond the realm of possibility that the dad might not know what a dildo was, though. Perhaps he was raised very conservatively.

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