Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Like a Boss…

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  1. #WINNING @screwing yourself

  2. Daylight Savings Time confuses me so, and the first post did not help.

    It took me a good 5 minutes of sitting there talking through the conditions out loud to myself before figuring out that Josh did, in fact, have a semi-reasonable excuse for being late (if his story was true, he WOULD have been late and not early) and then blew it for no reason by posting inaccurate information on his fb.

  3. #1-Josh was retarded, you WOULD BE AN HOUR LATE retard!

  4. These happen waaaaay too often. Why add your boss on fb to begin with?

    Plus, Justin, the boss’s son, is a total douchebag.

  5. #rstroupe,

    Please allow me to correct you here; When you say that Josh was retarded, you’re either implying that Josh died or that Josh was cured from his mental retardation. The first option is not valid since he is still posting on FB, the second option is also not valid since retardation is a chronic disease can not be cured.

  6. stomabeutel – there are few things more irritating on the internet than an incorrect pedant. mental retardation is a congenital disorder, not a disease. if you’re going to prattle on about insignificant details, at least get your facts straight.

    in any case, the commenter clearly meant that josh was acting like a retard in a particular situation. this is not necessarily a politically correct usage of the term, but it is common enough (on this site among other places), therefore the use of the past tense here is acceptable.

    maybe you should check your eponymous colostomy bag – the amount of crap you’re talking here makes me think you’re malfunctioning.

  7. Actually being retarded means you test below 70 on an IQ test…technically. There are some people who are 1. illiterate and 2. a whole special brand of not smart. But, people who often test within that range often have other issues, for example Down Syndrome. which causes them to test that low. But I assure, it is possible for people to test that low and not have a disorder. Though more often than not one is diagnosed if you were to score that low.
    At any rate, I have to second Vincent’s grammar lesson on the past tense use of the word. I doubt he’s picked up a few more points at any point.

  8. blondebimbo – thanks for the illuminating first-hand insight into the hardships of mental retardation. unfortunately, i can’t tell whether you are agreeing with me, or trying to put one over me. i have read that last sentence 10 times, and i cannot make head nor tail of it. can you just try it one more time?

  9. People that do this deserve to be fired. Also, thanks for helping me work out what justin said oatmealandi.

  10. This isn’t the only thread where stomabeutal has been full of shit. Shitbag by name, and shitbag by nature.

  11. MsBuzzkillington

    I had to think about it a bit to… It really would be 2pm after the clock changes instead of 1pm. So if he thought it was 1pm he would be an hour later to work.

    I think his boss should take pity on him. He should have let Josh boast about pulling a fast one on his boss all day long. So he would have made a fool of himself all day long… right up until someone corrected him and then he would feel like an idiot.

    Also, who doesn’t complain about their job sometimes? Who doesn’t have a bad day and say, “screw this job!”

  12. You have to be a complete moron to be Facebook friends with your boss or any of their family members. Why would you even take that risk? There’s a 90%+ chance that something you say or do will get you in trouble or even fired when you’re friends with your boss. That being said, employers need to learn to chill the fuck out. It’s Facebook, it’s not the freaking New York Times or anything, damn. And who doesn’t ever complain about their job? Apparently we’re not allowed to complain anymore? Gimme a break.

  13. See, for some reason Vincent I read yours and stomabeutel’s without putting space between them and they ran together in my mind. Don’t ask why, it could be the two hours of sleep. So assume the last sentence applies to stomabeutel and the first applies to correcting your correction. I’m going to take a long long nap now and my apologies for the mix up. I have got to stop coming on here in this state.

  14. The first one made me sit here and think for a good long 5-8 minutes until my head hurt and then I realized, too, that he was wrong. I don’t know why something like DST is so hard to wrap my head around the concept but everytime the time changes I find myself trying to work it out in my head. Like “would I be an hour late or early?” and random questions like that until my head’s ready to explode. I’m not a stupid person at all it’s just DST! Glad some others have the same issue lol..

  15. @edgeblade, I think the problem with most of these isn’t necessarily that they’re complaining about their jobs, but that they’re posting these complaints via blackberry, etc., while AT work. I don’t blame the bosses for being pissed about that. At home after work on their own time, sure.

  16. My God, I don’t understand the complication: if the world around you turns an hour ahead and you don’t, you are an hour behind (late).

    I’ll admit I’ve never seen stoma’s other posts, but I’m tempted to think he purposefully wrote something retarded to create a flame war…and there vincent is. Glad to see the battle rages on (no, seriously).

    hella’s got it right: using facebook at work to talk about work shows you weren’t working.

    But to those who act like saying retarded shit on fb is no big deal, please march onward. If you use a technology to reach 100’s to say something dumb…you’ve just said something dumb to 100’s of people, regardless of whether you think yourself as important as NYT. Time for your shame. Also, technically retards aren’t human. Nor blondes.

  17. Stop friending your bitch-ass whore of a boss, and you will be fine

  18. I encourage my employees to use Facebook during work time. They might claim that I sexually harass them, but then I have proof that they’re wasting company resources. All of a sudden, their job description includes my dick as one of their accountabilities.

  19. @Vincent, could you please provide me with a list of things you find more irritating then being a incorrect pedant? (on the internet) I am looking forward to annoying the living crap out of you on a daily basis.

  20. I think Justin needs to worry less about what his father’s employees are doing on facebook, and more about his writing ability.

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