Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everybody Hurts

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  1. wow

  2. Hope that was the best cheeseburger of you’re life kiddo

  3. I hope so aswell

  4. Looks like the munchies lead to crunchies.

  5. led to*

  6. “The majority of facebook is filled with fucknuts.” ~ Obama

  7. Wow! The president said that!? Must be true it was on Facebook!

  8. That George Washington one would have been great even without the comment, the comment is just icing on the cake.

    -Neil Armstrong

  9. “I drank what?” – Britney Spears

  10. The Cheeseburgers one is actually hilarious if you can picture that scenario in your mind

  11. Too bad Danny isn’t locked up 4eva, so Renee can continue to post his illiterate drivel.

  12. That first one is AWESOME and the brainless friend makes it even more awesome.

    LMAO @ mossie! Agreed with Stephen.

  13. I like Danny, he thinks ahead. He has probably arraged to have his status updated when he’s six feet under: ” Shakin’ hands with my maker, but IMMA BE BACK NIGGAS!”

  14. Ohhh how I love 4 am cheeseburger picnics! BBQ’ing stoned and drunk is the cats ass, and yes, they are the best cheeseburgers ever.

  15. Ethan is clever.

  16. Apparently Danny believes real niggas don’t get life without parole.
    Grapefruits would not be worth eating even if they came peeled.

  17. Oh God. I am astounded that someone as dumb as Cecile managed to work a mouse well enough to navigate to facebook in the first place.

  18. “We always cum back”? Pardon me, but if you spell it c-u-m doesn’t it mean something else entirely?

  19. For real, Cecile, he’s not dead, actually. Where did you learn your history? I’d venture from Ashley, because she forgot that they give real niggas a laptop and everything. Texting while driving; No “go us!” Peeling a fruit for twenty minutes is too much work, especially if you get juice in your eyes. Then you’re just pissed, tired, in pain and not really hungry anymore.

    @idontknow I /think/ it can be spelled either way: come/ cum. At least for that second meaning you’re hinting at.

  20. zombie George Washington?

  21. I posted the Danny one!! Hahaha pretty pumped to see it on here =)

    There were 6 more comments to the status update that Lamebook cropped out that made it 10x funnier.. I wish they would’ve left them! 🙁

  22. I don’t get the grapefruit one or the cheeseburger one. Is the grapefruit one supposed to be funny because Chelsea’s friend linked to a page with grapefruit-eating instructions? What’s the first photo in the cheeseburger one? Is it supposed to be funny because Zach got into a car accident after eating late at night?

  23. @Comments of course. In school, they taught us what presidents were dead, but after doing more private research on my own, I discovered some were still alive!

  24. @ # 23: President Obama’s alive? damn, i didn’t know that.
    @ # 22: the cheeseburger one is funny because the first post says “via Facebook for iPhone” and then right afterward there’s a picture of a car crash. ok it wasn’t that funny, but i think that was the point. i guess you’re right about the grapefruit, though i don’t think i ever spent 20 minutes peeling one.
    @ # 8: LMFAO. Epic.

  25. Cecile… Seriously?!

  26. lol at #1. But I couldn’t be any better than Cecile, as I called George Bush “George Washington Bush” and “Curious George Bush”.

  27. The grapefruit one is funny because you do not peel a grapefruit like you would an orange. You cut it in half and scoop out the sections with a spoon.

  28. lol@ Stephan – I can imagine that cheeeseburger scenario perfectly in my head..ahhh so fucking funny!

    @mad2 Grapefruits ARE fucking disgusting, so I agree..

  29. Don’t most burger places start selling breakfast items by 4 am?

  30. Chelsea you brainless ball sucking fuckpig!

    Come here and get you fat mouth around my grapefruits!

    No no no …not like that you stupid cumdoll, honestly does nobody know how to do this properly anymore?

  31. @27: I don’t know anything about grapefruits, but the page from that post explicitly mentions “peeled” as an acceptable way of eating a grapefruit.

  32. @31 Not sure why anyone would. But after looking at it, they recommend using a knife to cut off the peel, which is still a bit different than if you were to sit there using your nails to peel it off like you may with an orange.
    They even make grapefruit spoons that have serrated edges to make getting the sections out easier.
    I laughed at the post, personally. But I’m not surprised it isn’t that funny to anyone who doesn’t like grapefruit or who has never eaten it.

  33. Damn…I gotta go get me a grapefruit.

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