Thursday, March 1, 2012

That’s Determination

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  1. Unfriend him then you stupid bitch.

  2. Total re-post…

  3. why the fuck would she unfriend him?
    if she unfriended everyone who she didn’t like/know then how would she have 17,999,447 ‘friends’ and be the ‘envy’ of her class?

  4. im not sure why Malik is so interested in this girl anyway. Her eyes are set so far apart it looks like she has down syndrome. Ohhh yea.. and face blur fail motherfuckers

  5. Taylor could practically be my twin if she had a dick in her mouth.

  6. I think this is why nice men don’t get anywhere

  7. Because Malik is fat and a tool.

  8. justbeingmiley you like dick in your mouth?

  9. JackettaDenialsawwsse

    M’alik the Hi’er wants much attention. M’alik knows you are underage…

  10. don’t even get me fucking started turtlehead. Dick is one of the essential elements my body needs to survive; and it’s best taken orally.

  11. VAIN BITCHES like that irritate the living BAJEEZUS out of me!

  12. Think of it as one less inter-racial child being denied it’s child support while keeping our economy consistent and the white gene pool just a little more pure…… smart girl….thank you for not breeding.

  13. what makes you think she’s not breeding? Bitch is probably getting showered in babyjuice, she’s just not breeding with Malik

  14. vaginalroundhouse

    Haha Malik is just showing his natural rapist wit instincts. We all know Middle Eastern men have to rape. No wonder they are so angry over there.

  15. VaginalRoundHouse, you should now be aware that as a Libyan terrorist dictator in hiding, I have issued a fatwā on your head.

  16. vaginalroundhouse

    Yeah beatusmongous? Well I have had consensual sex and I didn’t force her to enjoy it.

  17. Dammit, VaginalRoundHouse, you’ve crossed the line! Where’s the video of this so-called “consensual sex”?

  18. Even if it was obviously rape, the female is an adulteress. Cut off her hair and stone the bitch, I say.

  19. That dude isn’t Middle Eastern you dumb-ass. That’s a black dude…. with a Muslim name and shitty Photoshop filter on his face…People are fucking morons…

  20. ^^ Are you really going down the route of “all Muslims are Asian”? Last time I checked, there are Muslims from around the world from every ethnicity; including black. People are morons…What does the kettle call the pot? A cunt. That’s what the kettle calls the pot. A big, cunt. Fuck off.

  21. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Most of the Middle-East is on the Arabian Plate, and so there’s a strong argument for calling the Middle-East a continent in its own right and not part of Asia. Likewise India is not on the same plate as the rest of Asia, but is on the same plate as Australia.

  22. Agrred with first comment – don’t wanna speak to someone, don’t have them on our FB, you attention-whoring assbucket.

  23. God Thompson, YOUR*

  24. Typical Moslem obsessed with a white woman.

  25. It’s Muslim, idiot. And if white girls weren’t typically such whores, nobody would be obsessed with them. Not to mention the fact that she could have blocked him… But she didn’t… Because she likes the attention… Because she’s probably a whore.

  26. What Spanka said.

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