Thursday, March 1, 2012

Father Knows Best

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  1. See, these are two more excellent examples of why people don’t need to be adding their parents to their network. Not only are both of these dads square as hell, but Marites has obviously never heard of FRape. It’s not 1976 anymore, fellas.

  2. Logan obv. has issues with his auto-correct, he should tell his father he meant to say such, or have, and some kind of sfw noun or verb action to follow. “Hey dad, I know this is facebook and you’re going to read this eventually, I don’t care, I’m tired of guys that are into anal seepage. I just want to suck some cock. Please don’t tell Mom, or G-ma, wait they’re on my facebook too!”

  3. Hey Jean?

  4. Yep, I’d be more embarrassed by a father who didn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” than I would a son who shared a pic with an expletive on it. I would have to confiscate Jean’s facebook.

  5. Logan obviously left his facebook up and one of his friends posted that.

  6. The jean genie lives on his back.

  7. uhhh what exactly is Logan’s deal with anal seepage? Does he think that he’s too good for anal seepage? Not me! My men love to shoot in my dirty hole and then have me poot it back into their mouthes (which is kind of sweet because it’s like a full circle for the spermies)…but I guess that’s more like feltching. I’ve never tried anal seepage with actual ass juice, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

  8. Hmmm, I love a bit of santorum….

  9. yt told me cracker anal seepage tastes like shit.
    but niggar seepage tastes like chocolate and is what dreams are made of.

  10. Fraped? Logan is as gay as they some.

  11. @Jean
    *You’re *We’re

  12. Holy fuckballs, the second one was the funniest thing I’ve seen on here in a while. Christians are hilarious.

  13. To the person who submitted number two, please send Jean this way. If she saw the language here, she’d go into orbit, which is precisely when she needs to be.

  14. I went looking for some info on this so-called “anal seepage”. And just before dinner, too…

    Anal seepage is a condition where mucus, blood and/or small amounts of faeces may leak out of the anus into a person’s undergarments. The leakage is generally small quantities, but it may occur intermittently thoughout the day. The leakage is not associated with an urge to defaecate, but may cause uncomfortable itching in the anal area and embarrasing stains and odour. Anal seepage may be worse after eating certain foods that make the stools softer.

    I’m all for sexual experimentation, but there is nothing about the above that sounds remotely appealing. But I guess one person’s puke-inducing nightmare is another’s tasty wet dream. If you could stomach that, miley, then hats off to you, girl.

  15. What the fuck is wrong with these parents? Is it something cultural or something? Where I’m from, most of us are facebook-friends with our parents and sometimes even our friends parents and we never get that kind of shit, when advertiseing for sex or posting semi-pornographic images.

  16. ^What’s wrong with the PARENTS? What’s wrong with people having some dignity. NO ONE wants to see status updates like that, probably even his friends. If I were his parents I would simply block him immediately, without even saying anything. Then I’d call him and tell him why, in person. There are other ways to communicate without putting it out there for the world and that goes for both sides. I’d kick that little ass Logan in the nuts for that, little attention grubby butt-gnome

  17. Do some of you REALLY not see that Logan’s is an obvious Frape? Holy shit, you must be newer to FB than Marites is.

  18. Do you really think you’re the only with that genius deduction? BTW, you spelled frappe wrong, Starbucks hates you.

  19. BTW you spelled ‘frappé’ wrongly. And you said wrong when you meant wrongly. Intelligent life hates you.

  20. @18, you’re a douche. @19, thank you.

  21. Any morons who saddle their kid with a misspelled name get what they deserve. Stay strong, Coltton.

  22. #That’s CaptObvious to you :P. #19 You penis hates you, touch it more.

  23. @21, yeah no kidding. How in the hell do you pronounce that anyway — Col-ta-ton?

  24. Coltton is pronounced Marmite; varnish that is being passed as sandwich spread. Extra ‘t’ always changes the sound of other consonants in a word. Just like cuntt is pronounced Jean.

  25. Everyone declaring that these parents are squares have got to be under the age of fourteen. Only white trash failures of parents wouldn’t tell their kid to smarten up and stop posting pictures that say “fuck you” on their facebook walls. I’d do it in person though instead of perpetuating it on the fucking post.

  26. ^ Exactly why they’re idiot parents. Don’t raise your kids on FaceBook. You get partial credit for your comment.

  27. You guys are all idiots.

  28. ^ And you’re part of the club.

  29. ^ Part of? He’s the fucking chairperson.

  30. ^tactical error, Bacchante. You know how stupid he is. He’s just gonna take that as a compliment, and then we’ll get ‘treated’ to a torrent of his humourless bullshit. And that will be on your hands, sweetheart.

  31. ’tis okay. I can handle the crap that Flames attempts to dish out. And the rest of you guys will be stoic in the face of his stupidity as well, I imagine.

  32. hmmn. but he’s been quite the Chatty Cathy lately and he’s such a fucking moron…

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