Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Little Things Count

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    1) Captain Planet rides the bus…?

    2) I thought all fat girls gave head out of gratitude…

    3) Yeah bragging about being with an ‘actual human woman’ several months ago removes all doubt, you gay little virgin…

  2. Fat girls give the best head because they’re hungry

  3. slicingupeyeballs – Re: #3 – What part of his post led you to believe he was talking about someone he *was with* several months ago? He is clearly stating (in a rather absurdly ridiculous and childish way) that he had been with this girl for five months. Either way, the poster is an idiot, but make sure you know what you are talking about before you start hurling insults.

  4. ^ hurls insults, then berates other commenter for hurling insults ^

  5. throwingtofu – yeah, hurling insults at someone for being a douche is a *little* different than hurling insults at someone when you obviously did read carefully enough to understand what was actually stated.

  6. I have a high pressure hose here if you ladies want me to flush the sand out of your vaginas.

  7. If there’s anyone who knows about sand in vaginas, it is you for sure, @MsAnneThrope

  8. Did he rape you on a beach, C7?

  9. Apparently not. I clearly missed a huge bunch of sand up in your cunt, cunt.

  10. Forget sand, I have SHRAPNEL up in my vagina.

  11. He? MsAnneThrope is clearly a female.

  12. PraetorianXVIII

    because nobody misleads others about themselves on the internet

  13. C7, thank you for making it even clearer to us all that you have developmental difficulties.

    Hawkbit, sounds hot. Tell us the story.

  14. My wife’s vagina has sand and cement. It’s been stuck for a whole year. Fml.

  15. themanwhosoldtheworld

    mentioning you don’t get any for a whole year is just as pathetic as saying you get laid 6 times a day whilst not.

    poor, poor thing.

  16. ^he’s lying. the ‘my wife’ bit is a dead giveaway.

  17. Any suggestions for what i can stick up my vagina?

  18. Your penis?

  19. ^Good suggestion dude…now if i can just find the damn thing, you have not perhaps seen it laying around somewhere?

  20. SlicingUpEyeballs brings up a good point. Shouldn’t Captain Planet be riding a bike?

  21. It’s somebody’s status about a fucking phone…if that is the most exciting thing in their life they really should donate their body in the search for more effective land mines. Cpt. Planet has the hivvy, I hope children don’t idolise him.

  22. and here you are. on Lamebook , commenting about someones status, that was posted here, that will never see your comment. What does this make you ? oh wait, here’s a thought ; an idiot.

  23. oh but they will, they’re all self-submitted lately. Also Einstein, it makes us all fucking idiots, ‘cos we’re all here, wasting our lives like the fuckwits that we are. Deal with it bro.

  24. well well well, if this isn’t a classic chicken-and-egg scenario for you.
    crusty and flames arguing over who is the bigger fuckwit…

  25. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! my mother was right.

  26. ^why? did she slap you upside the head and call you a stupid, useless cunt?
    Good for her, I would have fucking drowned you if you were mine.

  27. @MissAnneThrope
    You know, I really want to hate the living shit out of you. But then I realize: No one is just that much of a twat. Someone must have ass-raped your or dumped you for a less retarded girl. Your life must be terrible for you to do so poorly with accepting that other people are having conversations without you.

  28. ^ no one cares. you’re a fucking nobody.
    dry up and fuck off.

  29. See? That’s what I’m talking about. WTF is wrong with you? Have you seen a doctor about this?

  30. no one cares what you are talking about.

  31. what part of ‘fuck off’ is so hard to understand, bunny?

  32. bunnyslugger thinks it has a better than average chance at slugging you online, given your avatar. Also, it thinks that asking you if you’ve sought help for your anger issues will achieve…something. bunnyslugger is mistaken, and should immediately change its user name to bunnyhugger. Naw, cute.

  33. I think bunnyhugger should just fuck off.

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