Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jobless and Speechless

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  1. Jobs was CEO of the company where employees invented the iPod/Pad and what not, I doubt he personally was involved in their design.

  2. Get over yourself mad2physicist. Jobs made more of an impact than you ever will – show some respect.

  3. Never mind the fact that no one “invented” electricity and gravity.

  4. @mad2physicist Some CEOs are very involved in the development of products. One of my previous employers had a CEO that would not allow any product to be shipped until he personally approved every design aspect. If he didn’t like something he would alter the design himself, and have a new prototype created with his changes and re-evaluate it until he was completely happy before going to production with it.

    From what I have heard, Steve Jobs was also like that.

  5. Jovon seems like the type of person who makes me ashamed of my race…I’m willing to bet he’s wearing a oversized white tee and his jeans are so baggy that he has to hold them to walk.

  6. I would respect Sam’s argument a bit more if he wasn’t wrong. Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity.

  7. Having trouble with the notion of “trolling”, Milo ?

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I agree with the ignorant dim witted dumb fuck, Steve Jobs is not on Einstein’s level.

  9. I can just imagine Jovon in space trying to find an outlet for him computer. Poor Jovon.

  10. I meant Jobs was not involved in the technical inventions that made his designs possible. As far as I know, he was not involved in developing the technology that powered the chips, or with inventing LCD screens. He was involved in saying ‘I think we should make a phone with an LCD screen!’ Which is important, but a totally different matter. In that sense, as a part of his enormous team of designers, he was no doubt one of the many inventors of the iPod/Pad/Phone.
    Just because Jobs made more of an impact than I will doesn’t mean I cannot have an accurate perception of exactly what that impact was, bird.

  11. Also, comparing Jobs to Einstein is ridiculous.
    Einstein – developed a totally new theory of gravity by realizing that space and time are unified and they can bend and stretch. Also discovered, with his students Podolsky and Rosen, the fundamental bizarreness of quantum mechanical measurement, proving that no classical theory could hope to mimic it without doing something very weird. Won Nobel prize. Was one of the men responsible for ushering in the atomic age.

    Jobs – took some pre-existing technology and told his engineers to mash it together into a phone, a music player, and a larger phone that could not make phone calls.

    Einstein >> Jobs.

  12. comparethemeerkat

    mad2physicist >> sandy vagina

  13. He wasn’t just the CEO, he was co-founder of Apple and contributed significantly to the design and development of the Apple IIe, the very first product Apple produced. He was also the mastermind behind iTunes, which has revolutionized the way people listen to and buy music. Not that it makes him equal to Einstein, but certainly he was an incredible idea man. I think he’s on par with Henry Ford or Thomas Edison.

  14. Apple’s first product was the Apple II? What happened to the Apple I? Also, do we really know he originated the iTunes idea, and not one of his underlings?
    I think comparing him to Edison is fair, but not Einstein or Nick Tesla. Actually I’d say he’s better than Edison. That guy was a dickwad.

  15. Actually the Apple I was the very first product produced, created entirely by Wozniak. It was essentially a circuit board and those who purchased it had to build the computer around it. The only reason why the company exists is because Jobs saw the marketability and convinced Wozniak to sell it. The Apple II was the first complete home computer system that was produced and once again Wozniak pretty much designed the whole thing. I don’t see Jobs as much as an ‘idea man’, i see him as a savvy business man. He didn’t invent the portable mp3 player, tablet, or smartphone, he took those ideas and saw a way to make them better. I agree that his greatest idea was iTunes, but I would never put him on level with Edison…Ford maybe.



  17. urgetokillrising

    hasn’t any one got Michael Faraday’s back? Pikachu I choose you!

  18. “That nigga invented electricity”

  19. i am steve jobs. and i say u are all idiots.

  20. Well steven jobs, I am Albert Einstein. And I say stop trying to steal my thunder.

  21. It’s embarrassing to see that there are so many doltish Americans compared to the number of intelligent ones. Where is this world heading?

  22. @win7ermute – Why would Sam troll his own status? I mean, if you’re gonna do that, at least make it interesting. And he was right about Franklin. So he’s a pretty shit troll.

  23. @Milo: This is either the best troll or the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

  24. idiot…haha….haha…icarly…..ivehadenough!!

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