Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sounds About Right…

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  1. Lame…. First BTW…

  2. That Dollar Tree one has ‘only’ been around for like 12 years.

  3. ^LAME

  4. *Dollar Palace, whatever. It’s in some small town in Louisiana. I imagine people in places like that don’t see anything unusual about Debra Jackson’s remarks.



  6. I forsee Debra Jackson in a People of Walmart post in the future…

  7. ^ do people still go to that website? Yeah, we get it, people in walmart are fucking mythical creatures. Go shop at Target.

  8. Wal-Mart is creepy

  9. I hate having to put clothes on to go shopping.

  10. shopping is for retareded ppl. trolling is for even more retarded ppl. and commenting on trolling is for..

  11. finishing peever’s analogy
    …saved for retartededs who cannot spell out people.

  12. *retarded.. phew correcting this is lame even for my standards

  13. I wish I could say all the customers who shop at the Publix I work for wore pants…

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