Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. Ginnie is a fool. Also, reclaim America from who??

  2. Whom

  3. Ha!

  4. Thanks for the correction agenda. I wasn’t out to correct anyone in the first place though, I was just asking a question. Still, sick burn. Well done!

  5. They’re making poor Steven do all that? I thought those schools only teach you how to hunt and maybe make venison chili.
    Oh wait…

  6. Sorry, jmdp couldn’t resist 😉

  7. I loves me some morons

  8. That’s my kind of girl. Gotta love the smart ones.

  9. Throwingtofu….. You stole my comment… Not exactly… But, I was going to go that route with my comment… I’m so sad that I’m going to go write a lame FaceBook status about it. 🙁 Maybe it’ll be funnier than these.

  10. I tried to reclaim America once, but I was too achy from the smallpox, and too woozy from the firewater.

  11. cptn – Sorry, but it happens to me too sometimes, which is fine because most of my FB friends aren’t as into LB as I am, so I have to share the ‘highlights’ with them… but only in JPG form because FB is still too butthurt about LB to allow a link to this site to exist on FB for more than like 15 minutes (trust me, I did that once without thinking – and then all the friends who commented got annoyed with me because they thought *I* was the one who deleted it).

  12. I’m a foil for believing this, but starting tonight, this is the year that New South Wales will reclaim the State of Origin Trophy. Go you blue bastards. PA and NoLongerTroll, if you’re out there, you guys know what I’m talking about.

  13. Wow! Imagine being so spoilt that your biggest gripe is having to press 1 on your telephone, to hear English.
    Renee is on an entirely different level of stupid though. She deserves some kind of award.

  14. wordyI’m a Maroons fan all the way, mainly because of my slight man-crush on Darren Lockyer, awesome player.

    Back to the posts – Fucking hell America, what next? Press “2” for redneck?
    The rest – Genetic engineering can’t come fast enough, much like mofo in his ice-cream van.

  15. 8 words… Should I be damp up to the elbow?

    Paranoid I fucking love Ice-Cream vans, they always have the sign on the back saying ‘Watch the Children’… as if I need reminding!

    I love children From-age x upwards.

  16. Good player, shame about the voice, PA. Much like David Beckham.

  17. I hate my country so much….and race. Go Native Americans, since you were there first, until us white assholes decided to be spoiled brats. ughh….I swear not all of us are this idiotic.

  18. I like it when people emphasise THE wrong word.

  19. I like IT too.

  20. some people are so unaware of their history… also, correct me if i am wrong but when i was studying american sociology at university i was told that the USA do not have an official language…

  21. i know, not a reliable source for information but wikipedia says official language(s) : none.


  22. I’ve never really understood why the “press one for English” complaint is so widespread. Maybe it’s because in Canada I’m used to seeing two different languages for everything? I mean, I can see cefrtain people being pissed off if they had to wait until “press eight for English” but I don’t see the problem with being able to press one right away…

  23. “[U.S.] Congress hasn’t passed any ‘English-only bill’ yet and hopefully never will. But the broadcast media have been enforcing it for decades.”

    — John Lawler

  24. So the language brought to the U.S. and forced on the indigenous people by European (British) invaders is being pushed aside by the language brought to Mexico and forced on the indigenous people by the European (Spanish) invaders? Suck it up “English only” xenophobes. You’re getting exactly what you deserve. Isn’t irony sweet?

  25. Well it’s not just Spanish, we’re a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities so there’s a lot of different languages spoken here besides just English and Spanish, which is probably why the US doesn’t have an official language. It’s sad that racism and hate has led people to not be able to see the beauty in the diversity of this country.

  26. Go the MAROONSSS!!!!!
    We beat your arse’s in Origin every year 😉 this year ain’t gon’ be any different.

  27. “Reclaim America” sounds like the name of a hate organization. It probably is.

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