Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Got Probs…


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  1. First!

  2. comparethemeerkat

    Shouldn’t it be ‘Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen’?

  3. I’m offended by the third one. NOT FUNNY.

  4. CommentsAtLarge

    Nat named her dildo after The Lion King? Right then.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m black and I approve of the third one, not because I think it’s funny (it’s really not), but because I think it’s stupid to get sand in your vagina over a stupid post on the internet. Have a beer mjjluv and chill out.

  6. dukey if i could like a comment on lamebook, id like yours

  7. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I’m offended at how pale I am.

  8. Hey, she’s 1/16 negro…she’s allowed to say it! Also, what kind of a name is Nat?

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    It’s the thought that counts n00dles and maybe some ass groping if you are female.

  10. Nat, like Natalie?

  11. Her friend had the baby and it WAS a boy? I guess they gave the baby a sex change to be the girl’s name tattooed on the mom.

  12. Im offended that youre offended. Michael Jackson would also be offended by you taking offense.

  13. Everyone is missing the BIG problem with this….. How could ANYONE misplace their dildo?!?!?! I mean, really?!?! (And why does a dildo have a female name… Not only a female name but is also referred to as a “princess”… CREEPY!!!!!) Oh, on a side note, dukey is the man…..

  14. And, I must comment again…. But, that poor baby boy…. He’s going to have problems later in life if a 3D ultrasound couldn’t find the turtle….

  15. cptnobvious-

    I don’t know if you live under a rock, but there is this thing called lesbianism. We often name our dildos with lesbian names…because you know…a boy name would be disgusting.

    There is also another thing called silliness, wherein straight girls give their dildos silly names because it is just funny.

  16. youarestupid, from your comment, I infer that you are a lesbian. While I wholeheartedly support your kind, I have to ask: Do you folks ever use pocket pussies or fleshlights or some other vaginal facsimile?

  17. Lol, kind.

    Soup just totally segregated you and called you a kind. Hate on that bitch!

  18. Also, up for some lesbian sex?

  19. I must confess… I’ve seen The Lion King, but it was back around the time it came out and I was basically high and/or drunk continuously between 1994 and 1997 so I can’t say I remember ‘Nala’. I actually thought ‘Nala’ was supposed to be pronounced ‘naylah’ as in ‘nailer’ with a Brit or Boston/NYC accent, which makes sense too, but whatever.
    As far as Nat, she’s a dumbass plain and simple. Being 1/16 “negro” makes it so that you can get a tan in 10 minutes? Try telling that to my friend Liz who, while having a black father, is whiter than I am and will fry with anything less than SPF50.

  20. Whoops, Desiree is a dumbass I meant. And I guess I am too. Ah well, time for bed anyway.

  21. Oh shush, killthepixie. I’m into dudes, but can’t find a faux male anal receptacle to save my life. I have to bang a mold of Jesse Jane’s ass and pretend that it’s Jesse James’ cock holster enveloping my glorious manhood. And it still feels like a lie when I shoot my wad.

  22. Haha Soup, you made me laugh out loud. Fleshlights come in anal and oral form as well as vaginal form, just FYI.

    I have a gay male friend and he loves http://www.fleshjack.com/

    You can also design your own, so you can jam your stuff into a Brad Pitt lookalike mouth if that’s your thang.

    Personally I have no problem using sex toys that are phallic, but my partner does. Also, mine is named Ebony.

  23. Anagrams of Nala – Anal and Alan, coincidence? I think not.

    So we have blacks and lesbians on lamebook now? What next? Irish Muslims? Stop the rot.

  24. Nat’s closet sounds like the doorway to some weird and wonderful fantasy world… ‘The Cock Ring, The Butt Plug and The Wardrobe’ was my favourite childhood story.

    Up from the depths 40 stories high…. Gorgonzola.

  25. I think “closet” is Nat’s euphemism for vagina.

  26. It’s because the comments you guys made were so gay that the lesbians started to congregate. Blame yourself, Android. :p

  27. I have nothing against lesbians….

  28. Yeah I know we’re in the age of pushing the envelope as far as it can go, but that third one is disgusting.

  29. Yeah fake tan is disgusting…

  30. It’s not disgusting. It’s tasteless and tacky. Learn English.

  31. Well, damn, if I lost my Princess Nala, I would’ve torn the house apart immediately. A girl’s gotta have her Princess Nala.

  32. Amen, jacqbone.

    The last time I lost my dildo she was in the closet with all my skeletons. That was awkward.

  33. Thank you DSB.
    I myself far prefer the extremely fair look such as is afforded by 100% Northern European genes.

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