Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ghett Outta Here!

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  1. I’m not reading all of that. Someone give me a summary.

  2. Basically all it needed to say is

  3. They’re basically both perverts and both lame.

  4. It’s just another “OMG MY GOD I LOVE YOU, YOU MAKE MY COCK HARD BUT I’M TRYING NOT TO DO YOU” .. type thing.

  5. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    Add me one facbook: etownege@gmail.com….or die

  6. i think ill risk dying

  7. jacqbone: You didn’t miss much, it was a lot like the one the other day that was overflowing with hearts and neurotic co-dependency.
    cobain: You forgot ridiculous.

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    You know etowne, I survived being threatened with the Rapture already, I think I’ll take my chance with not adding you.

  9. hey, I know I did this a few days ago so I promise I won’t do it again! 🙂 just thought I’d point lamebook readers in the direction of my blog http://satiring.blogspot.com/2011/05/whats-on-your-mind.html
    if you enjoy any posts I’d really appreciate a click of the like button. And with that, I promise to self promote no more.

  10. @Argh: I wasn’t planning to check out your stupid blog, but since you put a smiley face in your post, how can I resist?

  11. comparethemeerkat

    Why would anyone need to add anyone on gmail anyway ffs. What would that even do?
    Fuck off, you massive douche.

  12. Yeah, I figured it was lovey-dovey bullshit. They’ll break up next week…most likely when he wears out her hoo-ha and neither one can feel anything anymore.

  13. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    @comparethemeerkat…you’re a fucking idiot. I said add me on Facebook. Not Gmail. Fucking stupid fucking fuck.

  14. comparethemeerkat

    That is fucking worse!? You feel the need to collect random people on the internet as ‘friends’ because you don’t have any real ones?
    My misreading faux pas is nothing compared to you desperation, you fucking utter vaginal discharge.

  15. etownegeatgmaildotcom – you are begging strangers from lamebook – which, even though I love everyone here, is full of fucking loonies.

    so..award to the most Fucking stupid fucking fuck of the month is awarded (posthumously, I would imagine that you can’t last for long out in the real world) to you – bravo! x

  16. comparethemeerkat

    I bet a massive total of 0 people have added you from here, because it’s not the ‘done’ thing, to add people who only post ‘add me on Facebook:’. If you want to fingerbang, go to your local discotheque, all the girls with VD will find your desperation a massive turn on.
    And they won’t even think twice about adding you.

  17. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    y’all are some angry people lol…who’s the loser? me, or the fags that comment on this site everyday? I skim by here once in a blue if I have a free minute at work. p.s….this losers gf is hotter than any girl who’s even looked your way. Anyway, I’m out. Have fun having conversations with people you’ll never (have never) meet(met), cock suckers.

  18. comparethemeerkat

    I’m kinda arguing with myself now, but your constant prodding on almost every post is getting beyond a joke! NO ONE WANTS TO ADD A RANDOM. Get the picture.
    I bet you were the really annoying douche in school that was bigger than everyone at age 13, so bullied people into being friends with him, then, when everyone got a bit bigger, they realised they didn’t need to hang around with you anymore, because, well, you are a dick.
    Then now, at 25, you have no friends. But those years of bullying people into being friends with you have destroyed any thread of self-awareness you have left, so you don’t feel weird going on a messageboard asking people to be friends with you. No one wants to call you, or add you on Facebook, because you suck.
    Stop spamming and come up with something worth while. Fucking Steeeeeeever says the same thing everyday, but his is funny. Cheesus says contrived sick jokes, but they are sort of cool. And PA is like grumpy old man style. But you just come on here asking us to add you.

    And I know it’s TL:DR, but this guy fucking sucks and has been pissing me off for months now. Wanker.

  19. @etown – Can I add you to my Skype? We can compare weiners on cam.

  20. I added him from here, we re going for beers tomorrow.

  21. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That actually made me lol, you drew my whole life by a simple post. Actually..I’m 21, and I was always a smaller kid in school who had a lot of friends and still do. I’m just a friendly person. I guess that’s hard for some people to fathom.

  22. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    Tell ’em Conor…

  23. comparethemeerkat

    Well stone the crows. Congratulations! It’s great having anonymity, and lots of friends too.
    Collect away then! My fathoming skills aren’t set to ‘randoms on the internet’, clearly.

  24. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    Apology accepted

  25. I agree with DukeGuy, I love my lameys, in spite of, and because of their having several loose screws, but I wouldn’t really want to get too close to anyone here… I think they bite

  26. Ai-yi-yi!

  27. I would kill myself I was their facebook friend.

  28. @ChimmyChunga – Don’t do that. Instead, kill yourself for posting unintelligible sentences.

  29. Twilight has made morons more moronic.

  30. Hell, I’d add people from here. It’s Facebook, not a weekly sign-up sheet for volunteers to watch my kids.

  31. You can fuck right off, I’m not grumpy. Fucker.


  32. i just wanna be your pervert baby

  33. Paranoid I know right?! Fucking, contrived I got called?!

    ‘Hey Paranoid and Cheesus are ok in that fakey, perverted old grumpy man sort of way.’

    Actually that’s not that far from the mark.

    I am a bit perverted. I wank off to Danish Blue.

  34. OOh where can I find myself some of that perverted love? A comments section that tickled me hugely. I think it’s the bullying that does it. PS Agenda, I don’t bite …. always.

  35. Every time I read one of these, I add another cut. Because humanity depressed me THAT fucking much.

  36. Puke.

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