Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Losing the Race




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  1. I don’t mean to be racist but…

  2. 1. pretending to text in awkward situations- try faking a call instead.

    2. Dear Ian, Indeed! They are smarter, because they don’t get confused between thEn and thAn. 🙂

    3. Wendy, OVER A YEAR? seriously??

  3. Ana should expect some hate comments..

  4. Wow. The first one shocked the shit outta me. I didn’t pay enough attention to the title. I was like, ‘heh, cool group- HAAAAWHAAAT’

    your kidding me. It’s so easy to see why number two’s dudes are racist. There so much smarter then those damn filipinos.

    Why did #3 even have to say that? Couldn’t she have said ANYTHING else?
    “I apologise to my vagina… I swear if I get that cunt his ass is mine!”

    ” I spologise to my pervert friends but…”
    Yeah, you get the idea.

    Anyway guys I’m SO not racist but aren’t blue people so disgusting?

  5. Joey knew they were Filipinos because the movers didn’t speak mexicanish.

  6. @Lila2009, HA! The over a year bit didn’t even hit me til you pointed it out! Fucking hell, wendy’s an idiot.

  7. Ana is racist as fuck, but damn haha I wasn’t expecting that when I started reading this entry.

    I wish I could see the comments people would leave her and then her replies to them. It’d be epic, I’m sure. Cholk full of ignorance, stupidity and laughs.

  8. Christ. Gotta love the pre-apology. It’s so sincere to expect a free pass to offend your friends and their entire race. And who says ‘negro’ anymore? Is Ana actually Strom Thurmond?

  9. @Leverhundar

    If a Peeping tom stalks me even for a day, cops will be all over him the next day!

    why wait a year?? attention, sympathy.

  10. Ana is a role model for civil rights. I’m sure that Nelson Mandela is her hero.

  11. My god Ana’s comment is hilarious, made me laugh!

  12. I just had a look at that FB group. Somehow I thought I’d be able to see the results of ana’s idiocy (yeah, maybe if I trawled through the shit for 48hrs straight).
    It’s full of dickwads posting their mobile numbers and saying ‘lol text me lol heehee lol’. *sigh* Pathetic.

  13. @Lila2009, exactly. She’s probably just making it up to sound interesting, anyway.

  14. I like turtles.

  15. CumDog Millionaire

    When a negro tries to talk to me, I get the hell out. Getting mugged sucks.

  16. I wonder when people will realize just because you say no offense or “apologize for what you’re about to say” it’s still going to be offensive..

  17. I’m not racist. Having said that…

  18. Racism has seriously got to be the stupidest part of humanity. It makes no sense. None of the complaints made here have anything to do with race. How do people think this way?

  19. President Obama, we’d like you to meet Ana . . . oh, now where she’s got to?
    Dumbass xenophobic peasants.

  20. HAHAHAHA, this one is full of WIN!

  21. If Wendy is white, that makes the other guy a peeping Uncle Tom.

  22. She doesn’t say he’s ‘Uncle Tom’

  23. I like Zombie Kid

  24. she must be a fat white girl for the brothers to be peeping on her.

  25. Wendy is annoyed about a peeping tom – understandable, I guess.

    But what’s the bet she has 600+ pouty photos of herself on her profile page, taken on camera phone in the mirror, in various stages of undress.

    Any takers?

  26. I love racism, it’s always funny.

  27. I’m in that group, I pretend to text all the time, haha.

    I’d bet 10$ on it.

  28. Racism is hilarious.

  29. I don’t think they actually realise how racist they are Lol. Especially this Ana character :S

  30. Does anyone here hate Indian??cos I do!jeezz…I love being a racist person…

  31. How weird…I know a girl that lives in my area named Ana. Plus there’s a lot of blacks around my area now because of the construction site. And the pixellated picture actually looks like her.

  32. Yeah well I’m not racist or anyything, but in saying that I pretty much fucking hate everyone who doesn’t look like me, eat the same cuisine as I do or has a slightly funny surname.

    No offense.

  33. and the cops still haven’t caught me…see you tomorrow night Wendy 😉

  34. @Leverhunter

    Smurfs are cool and fit! (even if the females are hoes, since there’s only two of them in the whole tribe!) Plus, calling them blue people is offensive. Apologise!


  35. “I despise racists. For me, they’re somewhere between a cockroach and that white stuff that accumulates at the corner of your mouth when you’re really thirsty”

    Oh wait, that was *rapists*… meh, the quote still fits.

  36. insert clever name here

    I wonder if in the second one Ian meant Mexicans were smarter than Brandon and Joey in that Mexicans wouldn’t write “there” instead of “they’re” or “your” instead of “you’re” and maybe even “then” instead of “than”. They must be negros.

  37. I hope Joey, Ian and Brandon contract AIDS from each other.

  38. @Zee: Add Ana in that list and i will happily endorse you!

  39. at least filipinos are clean, they know how to take a bath before a day starts and they know how to respect people, not like PTHERS who doesn’t know how to address their elders. i despise those kind of people. THEY’RE JUST PLAIN JERKSS.

  40. What’s a PTHER?

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  42. Negro? Ok tom Sawyer, I hope you make it down river in your shitty little raft…

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