Thursday, August 27, 2009

It’s B.A.N.A.N.A.S.


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  1. is that a banana in your pants or you just happy to see me??

  2. Arf The Crime Dog

    “Weekends, good times”
    how enthusiastic.

  3. Not sure why there’s so much hate here…

    Just looks like a few friends having a laugh after drinks.

    I’m sure we’ve all done some dodgy things in the name of (drunk) fun.

  4. seriously wtf is this place all full up of puritans?

  5. Stay classy

  6. OK last chance before I get bored and wander off.

    Anyone – drop the dox and Operation Banana is go!

    You have 24 hours.

  7. And in 5 years time they’d look back and remember this

    Alex : Hey honey, remember that time when we did that blowjob pic with a banana?

    Lola : Oh yeah!

    Alex : Well can we do it again but this time make it real?

    Lola : Errrr. i think i’d better check with my banana

  8. y do ppl think sex is vulgar anyway? but srsly this is a WTF picture.

  9. Lola should be spending less time mucking around with boys and bananas and more time cleaning that goddamn kitchen.

  10. Lola should stop mucking around with men and bananas and start cleaning that god damn kitchen.

  11. ^ Lol, wtf?

  12. yeah, “week ends, good times”… Hope they never breed.

  13. it’s lame that this is supposed to be lame.

    lame paradox.


  14. Love Dad in the background.

  15. i think im starting to hate everyone on lamebook. i love half the lame posts i think this is a great pic and isnt lame at all and im not ashamed to say it…or type it…grammatically incorrect as well!

  16. They could have found a bigger banana… this is just sad

  17. Hi mom!

  18. awww here’s one to make mom proud : D

  19. My brother did this to our dog the other day. I have to admit, it was hilarious. You should have seen the eagerness my dog went at it with.

  20. Anyone else find it funny that her name is Lola??

  21. Actually the most surprising thing about this picture is that I haven’t seen one like it before. How are these idiots the first to figure this out? It’s really funny.

  22. it’s ok to take such photos for fun, but to post them on facebook? I think it is not such a good idea!!!

  23. That girl must be a super whore…can I get her number?

  24. likes how there is someone else in the background, top left, you can see their arm

  25. I’m pretty sure she’s doing something wrong.

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