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  1. Lee FTW!

  2. pwned!

  3. Nice.

  4. Nice.

  5. I’m the only one that thinks Lee’s comeback wasn’t particularly good? Not to say Thomas had a good insult to start.

  6. Lee’s comeback was witty & funny.

  7. yeah because being gay is an insult to begin with.. losers

  8. Brandy Alexander

    I am always ashamed for being gay. It’s an insult, trust me. I’ve been told it’s a bad thing for years, and now I believe it.

  9. Tee hee I love how many humour-challenged, un-sarcastic people are on lamebook. Is it like another facebook only in forum form to you?

    Sigh. I need to increase the coffee and decrease the bitch. Sowry.

  10. #8 that sounds like a personal problem. maybe you should seek therapy.

  11. Why is this person in your friend list? Abort!

  12. this is one sucked.

  13. hahhaha omg so good love lee

  14. Read all about it, censored lamebook entry:

    Jason’s Monster Fail, best entry ever, deleted by lamebook for privacy issues!

    Get it while it’s hawt, lol.

  15. #7 Bob, yes it is bloke, in this day and age it is still an insult if those it is directed to take offence. If someone else not involved takes offence then that is their problem and they need to dry their eyes. Seems to be some light hearted banter between friends with Lee winning.

  16. alright, who else is pissed “Jason’s Monster Fail” was deleted!? good thing I copied the screens!

  17. What is up with the keyword advertising, has Lamebook sold out on us?!

  18. brandy alexander, chillax. i don’t take offence. i recognise it as a pop culture thing. it’ll fade out. and most times, the kids who say it don’t mean it literally, anyway. you wanna take offence, take offence to something real, like not being able to get married in most parts of the world. that’s a downer.

  19. Wait – you mean using “gay” to mean “dumbass” is offensive now? My 76-year-old father is still offended that “gay” doesn’t mean
    “happy” anymore. How the hell am I supposed to break this news to him?

    Also, where the hell do you get off calling this thing “lamebook”? Don’t you know equating “lame” with “dumbass” is offensive to people who can’t walk properly?

  20. @ #18: I’m so bummed that Jason’s Monster Fail is no more… especially after he came back and started threatening all and sundry with lawsuits. It reminded me of a boy I knew way back when who used to threaten all the neighborhood kids with arrest if we didn’t play what he wanted to play. He’d tell us how his dad was on the police force and he was gonna arrest us all and put us in Kingdom Hall. And he stuck by that story, even when we pointed out that juvenile hall is where they send underage delinquents, while Kingdom Hall is for Jehovah’s Witnesses…

  21. Nick, please stop spamming every fucking thread with that “Jason’s Monster Fail” link. We know it’s been deleted. Just ‘coz Lamebook’s going through a bit of a dry patch this week doesn’t mean we need you to CNN us about past glories, okay?

  22. “huh huh you’re gay huh huh”

    “No. You’re gay. huh huh”

  23. HappyNat, I think you’ve missed a fundamental point about people who call each other gay over the internet. They never use apostrophes.

    Your gay.

  24. Hey Ben! Thought you were *my* gay…

  25. Your all gay now shut the fuck up because YOUR ARE GAY!!!!

  26. thanks Nick for posting the latest Jason’s Monster Fail….seriously I can’t believe he sued….

  27. You are correct, Ben. That being said your gay.

  28. Below my post is for teletubbies only!

  29. In that case Sixkiller…Im dinkey winkey’s wife dipsey or whatever that thing is called
    Boz ure my hero…hahahahahaha……

  30. I can’t tell if stfu is joking… “YOUR ARE GAY!!!”? really?

  31. Morgan, he didn’t sue, he just threatened to, and wouldn’t stfu about it. He whined to get it taken down.

  32. @Flip Yay! I’m someone’s hero!

    Oh hell, what happens now?

  33. @Boz…we sign up for Teletubbies coz sixkiller is casting

  34. i like green apples and i eat small children.

  35. @Flip Can I be the purple one! Oh, wait…

  36. @ mandizle, stfu.

  37. haha he walked right into that one, amazing!

  38. l’esprit de l’escalier at it’s finest

  39. @ Milton Waddams

    l’esprit de l’escalier (staircase wit)is thinking of a clever comeback when it is too late… whereas in the this picture the comeback is perfectly timed… so you could just say ‘wit at its finest’

  40. Double BURN!!!

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