Monday, May 30, 2011

Great Guardians!

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  1. Awesome role models.
    I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Some people should be sterilized at birth

  2. Oh and first, yay!

  3. cumdumpster2011

    No, only black and mexican people should be sterilized at birth, they are the biggest problems and welfare check collectors. Its a fact.

  4. cumdumpster2011 I hope you’ve been sterilized. Asshole.

  5. Dude. Your name is cumdumpster2011. You need to be sterilized.

  6. Very lame attempt at stirring up controversy, Dumpster. Try again

  7. They say me trollin’, they hatin’

  8. theyseemetrollintheyhatin

    Yes, Oatmealandi?

  9. littleredcorvette

    I keep trying to volunteer myself for sterilization, but they keep refusing me because I don’t have kids. What the hell kind of sense does that make?

    I think that people who want to pop out kids of their own should have to jump through the same hoops as adoptive parents.

  10. MistressSlayer

    You know what I discovered?

    White 38.8%
    Black 39.8
    Hispanic 15.7
    Asian 2.4
    other 3.3

    The PERCENTAGES of people by colour who get that welfare cheque every month.

  11. Yes, there are about the same amount of white and black people getting Welfare. The thing is, Whites make up 80% of the US population, while only 12% are Black. That means a larger portion of the Black community is on welfare.

    29% of the entire Black community is on Welfare, while only 5% of White are.

  12. Mitch, your statistics are wayy off. 39.8% of total welfare goes towards african americans, yes. Out of a population of 350 million an estimated 30 million Americans claim welfare. That’s .o8% of the population in America. You cannot take race statistics for general population and apply them for a demographic. 29% of the black community is NOT on welfare because that would imply that millions more are actually on welfare.

    Also, EXCLUDING hispanic from the “white” category, whites only make up 63% of the total US population.

    You’re an idiot; go back to school.

  13. WOW Phannah, you’re telling me to go back t school when you can’t even figure out percentages? I’m pretty sure that is something you learn back in first grade. No, .08% of the population is not on welfare. 30/350=.08 Which would be 8%. Your statistics show that 8% of the population is on welfare.

    The US population is actually about 308 million people though. So those 30 million people on Welfare would actually equal to be 10%. 30/308=.10 or 10%

    10% of the US population is on welfare.

    9 MILLION African Americans are on Welfare. There are roughly 40 million African Americans living in the United States. 9/40=.23 23% of African Americans are on Welfare.

    Sorry, But you’re the idiot.

  14. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @12@13 Given the fact that you both seem to be US Citizens, I will forgive you for taking stupidity to the next level.

    There are some really interesting sites if you want to learn more about the US demographics. For example that 72.4 percent of your population is white (including White Hispanic and Latino Americans) and Black/African American 12.6 percent.

    15.6 percent of the white population is of German Ancestry, which explains a lot.

  15. MistressSlayer, do you think that maybe because employers regularly discriminate against people of colour that that’s why many of them are on welfare?

    White people generally have it easier in any country, that’s a fact. Stop blaming the victim.

  16. Call the fuck down people,im a good nigga tho.

  17. *calm

  18. 90% of welfare recipients are single mothers with children. It costs less to give them money to live on than if they went to work and hired help, which they could not afford on their minimum wage job anyways.

  19. cumdumpster2011

    90% of welfare recipients are black or Mexican and don’t need it to start with because most of the sell drugs or pimp out their women then come home and live off government food while they drive their Cadillac and hummers to the welfare office to complain about not getting enough “help” that’s all black’s and Mexican’s will ever be good for in this country, except for cheap labor and good luck trying to get a black man to take a job, he much rather sit at home, roll a joint, play his ps3 and vegetate on the couch then get a job, lazy worthless fucking monkeys.

  20. Cumdumpster2011, I debated for a moment whether you are an actual racist idiot, or just a typical troll trying to start a flame war. But since your grasp of the English language is hazy at best, I’m forced to conclude that you’re a 13 year old boy of limited intelligence, probably with a collection of wingless flies on your nightstand. Now, whether that’s true or not, I’m sure your response to this post will be some witless series of curse words and name-calling, so go ahead and fulfill our expectations.

  21. pandainspandex

    The whole sterilization thing aside, I think people like Kelsey should be arrested for some sort of fetal…child…something abuse. She’s fucking that kid up for LIFE if he is born with FAS (and by life I mean the 20 or so short, miserable years he is expected to live).

  22. #20 FTW 🙂
    MUCH LOVE XXXXX!!!!!!!!!! Haha.

  23. First of all, I automatically assumed that cumdumpster2011 is kidding, so the hateflames are kinda staggering. Next: Your too cute not to be single? How does that sound so wrong? (Beside the spelling error.) Shouldn’t it be “you’re too cute to be single”?

  24. *were. Were staggering.

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