Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Smart Cookie

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  1. The kids clothing will probably be similar in 18 or so years time. Possibly orange overalls or black stripes.
    Prepare for a great upbringing kid ‘

  2. The baby’s name is Barney. Please tell me I read that wrong.

  3. No doubt after the How I Met Your Mother character, not the purple dinosaur. But even so, terrible name.

  4. Oooohhhhh … Now it makes perfect sense. Msannthrope is none other than Roseanne Barr. Well I’ll be damned, even I am shocked at how right I was!

    Lucky for me, I don’t have to care if I make enemies in Hollywood.

  5. ^nah. wrong. but still no one gives enough of a fuck about your sad self to bother being your enemy.

  6. It’s a sad day when no one wants to be your enemy.

  7. it’s not a matter of want, it’s a matter of priority.

  8. Barney is MsAnne’s nephew.

  9. my name is barney and I am a cunt cunt cunt I suck

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