Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not So Swift

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  1. shiveredthetimbers

    false, nothing does not rhyme with orange

  2. The comment isn’t all that funny, but the post is good.

  3. Clarification, I was talking about the comment by elle, not shiveredtimbers up there. ^

  4. Do we give credit when credit’s due here on Troll central Lamebook? Cause that’s a cracker and seemingly original.
    Or, hang on…..
    1. Fake.
    2. Miss Anne is a bitch, blah blah
    3. I fucked [insert name here]

  5. Thank you, PeePeeHead. Because the originals weren’t quite tedious enough.

  6. yes they were :/

  7. On that note, I really don’t understand the whole MsAnne hating going on here? Did you specifically piss them off or are they just general obtuse buffoons?

  8. I have a tiny penis and I am stupid

  9. Yousaidwhaaaat – a little from column A, a little from column B…

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