Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yeah Bitch!

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  1. shiveredthetimbers

    must have been a challenger because they don’t make manual chargers. n00b

  2. ^ Actually a pretty good catch, there.
    Fake, although I’m sure it happens in real life all the time.

  3. And then he woke up from his daydream as the bus pulled up to the stop in front the McDonalds where he was already late for his shift again…

  4. Yeah! I luuuurrve being a douchebag!

  5. Then a bus full of Swedish pack packers dressed only in bikinis broke down. They were also lost and needed directions to the nymphomaniac clinic. All I had my car was a 12 pack of red bulls, 40 tablets of Viagra and a video camera ….

  6. This never happened.

  7. I like to fuck plastic yoda dolls

  8. Fake post, Charger is only available in automatic, can’t kill one out.

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