Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last Time I Checked…

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  1. What can he say? Everyone in the entire world loves him.

  2. except for 47% of his own country.

  3. Well, this isn’t his ACTUAL facebook. His actual one is Mitt Romney. Soooo. This person behind this particular profile is just not too bright…

  4. Find it a bit delusional it says “President Mitt Romney” when he isn’t the president just a possibility. Does he always speak in the third person? Lol But seriously, like we weren’t aware politicians lie at this point in our history. I don’t vote either way, whatever them numbskulls promise u. Goes through checks and balances and I am sure the house and the senate enjoy just sitting around on their asses doing nothing while getting paid for it like them fools at the UN to make any sort of drastic change to their own way of life.

  5. What kind of half-wit, inbred dilinquent names their kid Mitt?? Oh wait…the kind of half-wit, inbred retards who choose a guy called Mitt to govern them.

  6. ^and he still comes off as smarter and more together than a fucking tepid little shitstain like you.

  7. It’s fake Mitt Romney. What do you expect.

  8. You do realize those “checks and balances” all come from elected officials or appointees of elected officials right…

  9. Anne Romney’s maiden name is Thrope. No surprise there.


  11. Technically, they named him Willard. He just likes his middle name better, because it reminds him of oven mitts.

  12. The population of the world is only about 7,000,000,000. I would like to know who the additional 1,000,000,000 people are? His pretend friends? The voices in his head? A Little of both? LAMO and LMAO

  13. ^ This is the only other person that caught the 8 billion number.

  14. Did Aliens get involved in this? It’s above the population number.
    I don’t get it

  15. What are you blathering about, beatus? The OP shows the “Population, World” graph directly underneath the Facebook post. Most of us just didn’t feel the need to point out the bleeding obvious.

  16. Oh, and Evilcow in comment # 10… are you actively trying to sabotage your own message?

    When you shout at people for no apparent reason, you come across as one of those crazies standing in the middle of the street wearing a sandwich board and screaming at people to repent.

    There are a lot of positive aspects about Ron Paul, but for my money (literally), I’d go for Gary Johnson. He’s the only candidate with a sustainable and realistic economic plan, plus he’s got 2 terms as the very successful Governor of New Mexico to back it up.

    I’m not American, but considering the fact that most Western nations’ governments (including Australia’s) trip over their own dicks to appease the USA, how you guys vote is of grave importance to the rest of us.

    Please don’t vote for either Romney or Obama.

    They can not pull your economy out of its hole or make your life better on a day-to-day basis. What they can do though, is take the freedoms you’ve worked so hard for and sell them to the highest bidder.

  17. ^*was of grave importance, Bacchante, WAS. The US star is falling. And it is falling hard.
    My major worry is that I will not have enough popcorn to watch the next 3 years play out in that doomed empire. There will not be enough popcorn in the world.

  18. pretty sure everyone got the population joke… but my dog has a fb and he’s capable of liking romney so does my farmville page and the page my friend made up to hit on her friend’s bf to see if he would flirt with her lol

  19. I’m sure it will all become irrelevant December 21st 2012.

  20. I find it funny how tigg (#4) decides to comment a whole paragraph yet still makes it a point to shorten the word “you” to “u”

  21. I despise Romney.

  22. That said, I’d also prefer Ron Paul over Obama, but he has no chance…

  23. Lol I was just joking. The only people worse than conservatives or liberals are the people that try to ddupport some third party candidate. Ron Paul’s a dumbfuck.

  24. I am so fucking stupid I forgot to breath again

  25. In that case, Evilcow, you have about the same amount of political and social awareness as a brain-damaged sloth.

    OF COURSE you’d meekly support a government that pays you to do nothing. You’re a fucking disgrace.

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