Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Healthcare! Beware! (part 2)

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  1. oh, hey now…i’m just offering free advice for this banana hammock line you’re starting up. ‘nut hammocks of lamebook’ or whatever you’re calling it; i’d envisioned a calendar.

  2. gotcha danetta – this is all about LB not calling a feeding frenzy between us…… you did good 🙂

  3. Ok Dizzy, cos that’s what the RN stands for after my name…
    I’m not known as the Ravishing Nutjobber for nothing.

  4. So…all I am to you people is just a piece of meat? I’m, I’m so proud. *sniff*

  5. And 2 veg (I hope).

  6. whoo hoo after my name I’m gonna add Z107.3 the kid !!! so glad I now have a sign off thanks to wordpervert mind ya I don’t know the kid but I hear him every morning so that’s like an authority thing…… maybe he will mention me on his morning show and our nut hammock product

    @ Kid

    Give me credit 😛 for the nut hammock product!

  7. @Word
    I am anatomically correct. My mom showed me on a Ken doll. Just a smooth fleshy mound that doesn’t hurt when you punch it.

    You’re already selling out to the Man. For shame.

  8. *falls to her knees*

    forgive me Soup for I did not know the bad I did….. but while I’m down here *wink wink smirk*

    Mind if I take a few photos 😛

  9. I’m glad Soup, cos that whole solo gonad thing while easy in some ways, played havoc with others.
    The imbalance always threw my back out.

  10. Dizzy
    I believe there was a promise of boobs. Not to be all kindergarten, but your pictures are first in the queue.

    You work too hard. Sometimes you need to lay back and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

  11. The last time I tried that Soup a guy fucked up his recently surgically corrected knee.
    I can’t win.

  12. *gasps* Soup preface was you committed the crime so subpoena me for a deposition add me to discovery and I’ll gladly submit.

    I so like to submit

  13. Word
    You need to stop hooking up with patients. The hospital is not a dating service.

    Paperwork? Lawyers? I’ve worked hard to get at some titties before, but every time I end up as the defendant, I realize they weren’t worth it.

  14. Soup, you’re not friends with the Director of Nursing at my current work establishment I hope, as you could do me some real damage by revealing my dirty little secrets.

  15. Dizzy_Ballerina

    Soup *strokes Soup’s forehead* Criminal or Civil the burden of proof is different….. you just need to close your eyes and realize you’re now in a position to get a good feel 😛

    And while your eyes are closed mind if I take a few photos and place on you the SOUPer Hammock *winks*

  16. Word, I know all sorts of people, in all walks of life, on 6 of the 7 continents. But I would never betray your trust by ratting you out. Unless said Director offered to tickle my bunghole. I’m only human after all.

  17. I understand completely Soup, cos if the Director did that to me, I’d rat myself out.

  18. Dizzy, you mentioned a crime so I obviously assumed it would be criminal, and had immediate flashbacks to my multiple indecent exposure cases.

    Not that I ever actually did anything wrong or exposed myself in public, it’s just that when some women finally see “it”, they feel threatened by the inherent power on display. Just by being in “its” presence they feel violated. It is my curse.

  19. Dizzy_Ballerina

    I understand Soup *nods and smiles* now about those pics…

    mind if we start with you on your right side … we can fully expose you later on your back 😛

  20. You really are a lawyer, aren’t you? Just will not be deterred. But once again, I refer you to the case of I Asked You First vs. Grundle Sling, and as Justice Scalia himself said, “Boobs come first.”

  21. Dizzy_Ballerina

    @ Soup

    I’ll give you that …… let’s hope this LB sad excuse for a topic drama dies so we can move forward in our relationship (stalker music plays in the background)

  22. Tom ftw

  23. america: founded by rich, white, slave-owning men who didn’t want anyone else to vote demanding freedom. this country was founded on hypocrisy.

  24. lol

  25. 83% of statistics are made up on the spot.

  26. oops, I had written the tags and around that comment. I thought it wouldn’t accept bad html and would just display the tags as I typed them.

  27. ffs!!!! [lame joke] and [/lame joke]

  28. So anyone in a country other than Aus hear about the Rudd vs Abbott healthcare debate? No? Then why should we hear about this all the time?

    Turns out American Healthcare > bad storm > lara bingle

  29. Anyone other than Australia and India notice you have signed up to an American social networking website? No? If you are tired of hearing about the American Health care debate, perhaps you should start up your own wesite…www.dingobook.co.au?

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