Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jeepers Creepers!

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  1. someone should introduce angel to craig.

  2. Anyone know where to find Angel , i am picky too and it so happens stalking freaky girls are the pick of the day

  3. @ pinklove: It means a broken heart.

    <3 <—-Heart,
    </3 <—–Broken Heart.

  4. lmao!
    “danny wins! … FATALITY!”

  5. Danny is my new personal hero for today.

  6. so Danny has a picture of his son wearing a mask so that he can get girls, and has a girlfriend, and sent his own messages into lamebook? *backs away slowly*

    And her name is Angel – first clue not to accept the friend request… If that’s her given name, fair enough, but otherwise…

  7. wow danny is a prick… and does he realize that he is online too talking shit about someone else being online??

  8. While reading the 2nd post. i think Danny is a teen and not his dad.

  9. I think its pretty much blatantly obvious that Danny was taking the piss with the ‘using my son’s profile pic’ comment.. dont get why that’s so hard to understand really.

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