Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caught with Your Pants Down

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  1. holy shit lol!

  2. Aww. Our malteaser’s learning ^^

  3. @mypoint


  4. mypoint, as I said earlier, I’ve had the last few guys I’ve dated send me their dicks on a pic.
    Admittedly, I was dating them, but it is a curious phenomenon.
    So does make me a sick chick?
    Maybe I need to date in classier circles.

  5. malteaser, I’ll get a thesis out of you yet.

  6. Some chics like dick pics… Some like jerking vids… Not sure why there is anything sick about that… we all watch porn… ok, well i do… not sure how this is much different

  7. Whoa malteaser! That made my day!

    Right there with ya slimjayz. Only I read mine, my man watches his.

  8. JesusOnADinosaur

    Malteaser. Oh my god.

  9. worst_episode_ever

    there’s a very good chance Lee is my ex boyfriend =S

  10. worst_episode_ever

    nina’s a hero that guys a fucking scum douche bag

  11. FlamingMoeLamingFoe

    Epic yet sad, as I just read post 59 before commenting…

  12. Any guy who falls right into such a obvious trap is clearly an idiot and deserves anything that follows. I can honestly say that I HAVE sent pictures far worse that an erect penis via email but it was to people who deserved to see it. 😉 Not to some random slutty stranger who turns out to be a bitch! What was he thinking…….. oh wait, tits and ass…. there’s a whole internet filled with it. some people are genuine idiots!

  13. I’m not saying this guy was in the right by any means. But WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS BITCH!!! If that isn’t entrapment I don’t know what is. I guess some people have nothing better to do than to ruin other people’s lives. Now I do realize that this guy is a total douche for what he did, especially since he could not realize that this was a trap,( more than likely set up by his girlfriend, even though the text may state otherwise). Therefore, All (three) of these ass pole lickers deserve The Douche Bag Of The Year Award! Congrats on being a total loser!!!!

  14. That is not entrapment. Entrapment when someone who would not have broken the law breaks it because they were tricked into doing it by law enforcement officials.

  15. @ jukaswo: I know, I was using it as an example. Although it may be a bad one, it helps the simple minds catch my drift…lol

  16. He basically was tricked into it cause SHE sent him the friend request.

    I know though, no cops and no laws.

  17. Oh and mcowles….You have me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair…

  18. He gave “her” his email address right off the get go. She didn’t need to coerce him into anything when he had e-pron in mind from the get-go.

  19. Fucked I overused “get-go”.


  21. I thought it was pretty funny. He’s a jerk and they got a laugh.

  22. haha what a dumbass.

  23. butthole bong hit


  24. Amoral asshat sent “HER” the friend request on “accident”. Then he offered his email so the GF wouldn’t find out. He deserved what he got for being a d-bag so dense that he couldn’t tell the profile was fake. (Probably also believes that the phone sex operators are the same women in the commercials, too)

    If he deserved a GF, he wouldn’t be doing the crap that got him busted.

    FYI guys, women are typically not visual creatures like men (think why “our” porn is different) so unless we actually ask, then the answer is NO, keep the stallion in the barn and the camera on the shelf. We DON’T wanna see that crap.

  25. Lee is Frodo…?

    At the very least, he’s a moron. Let’s hope his “GF” isn’t dumb enough to stay by him after that.

  26. @ NR: No, if you read the first line, he said ” Hello, I sent you a friend “CONFIRM” by accident, please disregard, sorry about that.” (Minus the punctuation). Which means “SHE” sent the friend request. I’m not saying he didn’t see her picture and go
    “Alright! I have got to accept this!”. I’m sure he had full intentions of making things go the way it did. Aside from the whole backfire part.

  27. Right basically to clear everything up! Nina is a fake profile of a real person (The mom of a friend to the person who made the profile) It was designed as a joke because the guy always gets teased for having a decent looking mom. But having a profile picture of a topless woman on a beach, brough all the facebook perverts out, Lee being one of them. And he sent the friend request and then withdrew it, he quickly sent a message which initiated the email in question. He sent “Nina” a lot of emails through his yahoo account, with multiple pictures of his penis with happy juice all over it. He even had the audasity to send a picture that included his girlfriend. The kid who set up the fake profile is a friend of mine, and never had any intention of doing anything like this when he set up the profile. The friend request from Lee was a complete random one, so he must have been prowling facebook for hot girls anyway. the profile was also so blatant that even facebook noticed and closed it down a couple of days after. Remember be weary of Fake profiles, especially if the girl is 10 times more hotter than you and still decides to chat!

  28. “I accidentally accepted you as a friend, please disregard it. But I was hoping you’d send dirty pictures first.”

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