Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Girl in Bootie Shorts

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  1. Deathblade?

  2. ^tinkywinkie was taken.

  3. Deathblade strikes again! Boom!

  4. So I guess the string is their to function as a straw then?

  5. crustylovelips

    What sort of prick calls themselves Deathblade? I hope he/she is reading this, just so that they know I think they’re a prick.

  6. crustylovelips

    Ohhhhhhh, they’re Canadian. Makes sense.

  7. Also, I don’t think it’s socially acceptable to tell a stranger, “Hey! Your tampon’s hanging out.”

  8. ^unless you do it discreetly, in which case they’d eventually think back on the event and be grateful to you. At the time, they’d be mortified tho. Unless they’re a chav.

  9. onthesunnyside

    Warning: I am hopelessly old fashioned.

    Why would you ever wear shorts short enough to reveal your tampon string? I just don’t understand.

  10. How do you discretely tell someone that their tampon is hanging out?

  11. ^yank it like a lawn mower and run

  12. BonniePleasant

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  13. Good job, Deathblade.

    Well done.

  14. DeathBlade was actually just checking out her ass, but he got caught.

  15. pull here to open sort of thing.

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